Harry Potter(Again), My Day, and The Tree

Slacker here. So I have no idea what to write about! It’s infuriating, really. How about I start by telling you about my day. I wake up with a headache. I  then go into my brother’s room to find my brother and dad playing video games. I leave and go downstairs to have leftover pizza and a mountain dew. My mom texts me after I’m done eating that she’s going to pick me up to go to buffalo wild wings. After she picks me up, her car starts dying and she realizes she left her wallet at her house. We go to her house and since her cars now dead, we can’t go anywhere. We start talking which leads to arguing which leads to me getting kicked out of the house for having a bad attitude and having my dad pick me back up. Swell day, really.
Anyway….. *complaining over* my head still hurts because I haven’t got the time to go find some aspirin. I have to finish Goblet of Fire today. Yes, this is another post on Harry potter. So my goal is to finish all the books by the time Deathly Hallows part 2 comes out. I think I might skip the Order of the Phoenix because the title is stupid and it sounds boring. I’ll just google what happens in it before I start the sixth book. If I don’t finish all the books by the time deathly hallows is out, im just gonna watch all the movies like the day before I see the last movie. Good plan, right? Now everybody’s starting to realize how perfect the name “Slacker” is for me. Katie is a genius for that. Speaking of my slacking and the Harry potter books, Fur tried to convince me to read them in fifth grade. And my best friend in second grade, who is now attending some fancy private school, tried to make me do the same thing. So really, I’m completing a goal that was set for me over 5 years ago.
Speaking of second grade and fifth grade, I miss my old elementary school. It was awesome. I would play four square every day at recess until I was like 10 and then I started hanging out with my new friends at that time at our super secret meeting place. I cannot tell you where this is because you might go to our old elementary school and ruin the amazingness of our meeting place. For now, let’s call this place “The Tree”. The people who would go to The Tree are: Favorite, Fur, Katie, Lily, Ariana, and of course me. The Tree is an amazing place. It’s very calming and a great place to stalk people from a distance. You can see everyone and only the more observant people actually notice you’re there. And no, for all the readers with weird imaginations, it is not just all of us sitting in a huge tree, creeping on people. We have much more dignity than that. Well, at least I do. The last time I was at The Tree was with Fur at Family Fun Night at the school. We snuck out to go swing on the swings at the playground and then somehow by 8 o’clock at night, we ended up by The Tree. It was as awesome as I remember it being. Good times.

Below are some questions I felt like asking all of you. Please answer if you can. Thanks!


2 thoughts on “Harry Potter(Again), My Day, and The Tree


    Hi, Slacker! Thanks for guest posting! I completed the polls for you! I hope you had fun, and if you would like to guest post again, tell me so, and we’ll work something out.

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