Back From Camp (Quick Update)

Ugh… So tired.  I got less than eight hours of sleep per night!  It might sound pathetic to you that I’m whining, but cut me some slack!  There is a “No Naps” policy at the camp, and you are moving, running, dancing (a lot), and swimming (if you’re brave, like me, and will swim on a 65 degree day!) all day long! 

Camp was awesome.  It always is.  This years theme is Mystery Inc.  We learned about the mysteries of God and the Holy Spirit and such.  The theme verse was 1 Timothy 3:16.  I’ll type it up tomorrow.  My favorite Bible verse is Proverbs 10:20.  Yay.  I am so tired. 

Only the last two days were sunny.  Somehow I managed to get a killer sunburn on those days.  My back hurts so much.  I got a package at camp and I had to draw my “punishment” from a Santa hat.  I had to serve a counselor their next meal.  That’s the easiest “punishment”.  Three of my friends at camp also got packages.  They were thrown into a very, very cold lake.  Very cold.  Brrr.  Another friend of mine got three letters.  They got punched in the face (a glass of punch thrown in their face). 

Time to take a nice, long shower and sleep for about, oh, six hours.  Nighty night.  No spelling mistakes.


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