21 Ways To…

21 ways to…

… … …

By now you’re probably thinking, “Twenty-one ways to what?”  The answer to that question is resting on your shoulders, dear reader.  I bet you’re still confuzzled.  Alright, I’ll explain.  One day I was living my life, minding my own buisness, when this idea hit me out of nowhere.  “I should write a book called 21 ways to…!”  It wouldn’t really be a novel or anything, just one of those fun books that you read when you’re bored.  I also want to write one with all the ways to break an awkward silence. 

21 ways to…  will be a book with twenty-one ways to do random things.  What random things, you ask?  That’s the beauty of it.  It can be anything.  When I say anything, I mean anything.  There can be a page with twenty-one ways to turn into a vampire or catch a unicorn.  There can be a page on how to avoid doing your taxes or twenty-one ways to procrastinate.  There can be a page with twenty-one ways to write a novel or become an artist.  As you can probably see, I have many ideas.  But I don’t have enough.  That’s where you, dear reader, come in. 

I need your ideas.  If I end up using an idea of yours, I will dedicate that page to you (Not that it will mean anything, seeing as this book won’t be published, but it will count in my heart!).  So please, please, please comment and tell me your ideas!  I would appreciate it a billion times more than I appreciate my normal comments (and I appreciate those a lot!)! 

Holy spider webs!  No spelling mistakes!


5 thoughts on “21 Ways To…

  1. That’s a great idea! I love that!
    Hmm.. it could be 21 ways to…

    (start an argument
    (escape eating your peas
    (play with your food
    (get a bunk bed
    (use a coffee cup
    (read secretly
    (stay up late
    (draw a rainbow
    (twirl in a twirly chair
    (jump over a wave
    (mess up a pirouette

    And I can’t think of any more at the moment, and I know many of them are stupid, but that’s all for today.

  2. Sorry, this is kinda rude but… You spelled business wrong in the first paragraph >.<
    That's a good idea! I have some ideas…
    21 ways to:
    -Raise a kid
    -Meet new people
    -Point out something obvious
    -Tell a lie
    -Get someone to do something
    -Be obnoxious
    -Steal a giraffe
    -Learn a language
    -Travel to Mars
    -Find your car keys
    -Be generous
    -Be spontaneous
    That's what I got for now 🙂

  3. twenty one wasys to……
    -pick up a girl
    -get a hair cut
    -dye your dogs fur
    -hurt your brother
    – sharpen a pencil
    -use a computer
    -rember your passwords
    -get moon rocks
    -to be awsome (you should be good at this one)
    -loose the tv remote
    -to get detention
    -escape a bear attack
    -get out of fammily activitys


  4. Here it goes 21 ways to…..
    Make a fire
    Fall in love
    Blow something up
    Tell a joke
    Get someones attention
    Make a child scared
    Damage public property
    Hit yourself in the head
    Make someone think your dyeing
    Ruin a ceiling fan
    Get your parents to loath your birth
    Make yourself faint

    Well that’s all I got.

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