Inkpop: Analyzing theTop Five

Sometimes, I have submitted my novels onto websites like inkpop and wattpad.  I do this because I want people to read and appreciate my novel, but no one seems to give it a second glance, let alone comment.  It’s a bit depressing, so I decided to find a way to get my novel recognized.  Translation: I tried to find a way to get my novel into the top five on inkpop. 

Inkpop is way more grammatically correct than wattpad.  On wattpad, people will read your stories even if you know nothing about spelling and grammar.  Maybe a few will post comments telling you about it, but they won’t really critique it.  Most of the comments on wattpad say “upload soon!” or something similar.  On inkpop, it’s not like that at all.   On inkpop, no one will give your story a second glance if it’s infested with spelling and grammar errors.  Inkpoppers give honest comments telling you if you made a mistake, and they’ll even help you correct it!  I like inkpop more than wattpad, so I decided to analyze the top five stories on inkpop, and figure out why they’re so respected. 

1st Place: The Elegance of Tyranny
Genre: Fiction- Romance, Historical Fiction
Title: Love it.  Short and enticing. 
Cover:  The Elegance of Tyranny
I really like the cover.  The picture isn’t too distracting, and the words are easy to read. 
Short Pitch (Short description of book): Love it.  Very short, shorter than most short pitches, yet it captures your interest right away. 
Long Pitch (Long description of book): Like it.  It doesn’t reveal too much (like most back covers), but it still reveals enough to make me want to read more.  It doesn’t mention any other characters but the main character, so it leaves you to wonder. 

2nd Place: Summer of Second Chances
I didn’t review this book because it was a sequel to a different book.  All I notes was that it was in the romance category and I liked the title and cover. 

3rd Place: Dear Chris, Since When did You Start Loving Me?
Genre: Fiction: General Fiction, Romance
Title: I don’t care for the title.  It’s too long for my taste.
Cover:  Dear Chris, Since When Did You Start Loving Me?
I like the cover, but it seems a bit busy, like there’s too much going on. 
Short Pitch: The short pitch for this book is a blurb from the book.  I found it a bit confusing. 
Long Pitch: Interesting, but it seemed to give away too much of what would happen.

4th Place: White Star
Genre: Fiction- Paranormal, Romance, Mystery
Title: I sort of like the title, but combined with the cover I think it had a weird effect. 
Cover: White Star
I thought the cover was okay, but, once again, I think it clashed with the title again.  Maybe it’s just me.
Short Pitch: I absolutely loved it.  It made me want to read it. 
Long Pitch: I love the long pitch like I love the short pitch.  It gave me the chills. 

5th Place: Different Paths: The Civateteo
Genre: Fiction- General Fiction, Science Fiction, Paranormal, Romance
Title: Like it, but it confuses me. 
Cover:  Different Paths: The Civateteo
I don’t really like it, but I’m not sure why. 
Short Pitch: I think it could have been better. 
Long Pitch: I like it, but I think it should be under the genre mystery as well. 

So there you have it, my evaluations of the top five inkpop novels.  I hope you all caught the common denominator there.  That’s right, romance.  I don’t know what it is about it, but the books under the romance genre always seem to go far.  The best advice I can give you about writing successful novels is just to write your best.  I wish I could be of more help.


3 thoughts on “Inkpop: Analyzing theTop Five

  1. hey! whats your username on inkpop. I have an account, and I’m figuring out how to make friend requests, please let me know!
    P.S. I agree with your analysis, I read the #1, and it was pretty good!

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