It All Ends Here

I saw the final Harry Potter movie at midnight in 3D.  I was so excited.  Not just because it’s the final Harry Potter movie, but because it was my first time going to a movie at midnight.  It was mind-blowing.  With the impossibly full parking lot and the scarily long lines, I was just overwhelmed.  We eventually found a spot (I was going with my older brother, his girl friend, and their friend), but the lines were so confusing.  We ended up standing in two wrong lines before we figured the whole thing out.  We joked around and asked people if this was the line for Winnie the Pooh. 

We finally made it to the correct line.  The line was long, but not like some of the lines that were out the doors.  We sat down and played a game of BS.  If you don’t know how to play, I’m sorry, but I won’t explain it just this moment.  I won this game of BS, which is hilarious because I got caught almost every time I lied.  It was all luck.  When we were half way through our second game of BS, we got to move up in the line.  Everyone was cheering because we were going into the theater soon.  Probably my favorite part of this whole experience was the costumes.  Not everyone was dressed up, but plenty of people were.  There were people just dressed up in Hogwarts robes, but there were also people dressed up as specific characters.  I saw some people with just accessories (wands, Harry Potter glasses…), but I also saw a Luna Lovegood, and a Voldemort.  Some of the costumes were incredibly lame, but the Luna was actually really cool! 

Some people tried to get a wave going around the line, but it always stopped at the same time.  We got our popcorn and drinks, and my brother’s girl friend almost lost her ticket (that was freaky!).  Finally, finally, FINALLY, we got to move into the theater.  People were cheering again.  We handed our tickets and grabbed our 3D glasses and filed not-so-orderly into the theater.  This was all at about 10:50.  Waiting in the theater for an hour wasn’t so boring, though I thought I lost my 3D glasses many times.  At this point we were joking that we only came here to see the Dark Knight (Bat Man) preview, and when that was over we were all going to leave.  The previews started, and none of them were that memorable.  The Bat Man one was actually really disappointing.  Some of the previews were in 3D which of course was very exciting.  And then it happened. 

When the movie started everyone cheered.  Having never been to the premier of a movie, I was unaware that there was going to be all of this cheering.  If you aren’t going to see this movie in 3D, don’t worry.  You aren’t missing out on much.  It was cool, but most of the time you hardly noticed.  I was surprised by how well done the movie was.  I wouldn’t change much.  It was true to the book!  I was so happy about this because I was worried it would suck.  But it didn’t, so I’m very happy.  Surprisingly, I’m not tired.  I guess this was easy because I stayed up all night last week.  Whatever. 

I strongly encourage you to see this wonderful movie.  It is definitely worth it.  I’m done bragging now.


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