Important Update!

If you have somehow magically kept track of the number of posts I’ve published, then you know that my next post is my 99th post.  That means my 100th post is soon.  But I’m splitting my 100th post into three posts.  My 99th, my 100th, and my 101st will all be the 100th post.  Just they’re three different posts.  You get it?  Because I’m still fuzzy on the idea.  The thing is, you said you liked short posts.  You said in on my How am I doing page.  Even go and look.  You like short posts.  So I will not write a super long post, I will split it into three posts. 

Today I will give you a glimpse of what will be in my 99th post.  On my 99th  post, I will tell you a bit about my 100th post.  Nothing real give-away-like, just a small taste.  Here’s the 99th post’s agenda:

  1. Contest Winner
  2. Maybe (hopefully) a Guest post
  3. My Writing! Part one. 

So that’s that.  If you’re busy, the important part is over, so you can leave.  Bye! 

I’m guessing about three people just left my blog.  Maybe not.  I’ve been planning for the 100th post a lot today.  Copying.  Pasting.  Writing.  Rewriting when it mysteriously gets deleted.  The works. Basically, I’m tired of being on my blog, and maybe it shows in my writing.  Please tell me if it does. 


I’m obsessed with animal crossing.    I play it daily. 

I spilled the card game Dominion all over the floor. 

Um…  Yeah.  I think the picture speaks for itself, but just incase, let me translate.  Many cards.  Lots.  Lots of card.  Too many cards.  We didn’t even get to play after I spent half an hour picking them up and sorting them.  I was bummed out. 

That’s about all of the updates I have for you.  So bye….


4 thoughts on “Important Update!

  1. I love 100th blog posts. But on my old blog, I missed the 100th blog post and nobody really wanted to guest blog for me anyway. This time I’ll be sure to make it significant. 🙂

    Did you get my email? I think that the ‘official’ Escapists email address is a little broken so I’m just making sure hehe. 🙂


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