Hello, and welcome back!  I’m glad that you enjoyed your stay yesterday enough to come by again.  Does anyone know what day it is today?  Yes, it is the day of my 100th post, but it is also my birthday!  Not my real birthday, but we’re celebrating it today.  A birthday is not a birthday without cake, right?  That’s just swell!  I made a cake! 

Pretty cool, huh?

 All that aside, this is my 100th post.  People do special things on their 100th post, so you’re probably wondering what’s so special about this post?  I don’t know if you’ve already noticed, but I have created a new page.  I call it Page of Polls.  Do you see it?  That is what is special about this post.  I have given you something new and spectacular to adore.  But… what exactly is my Page of Polls?  Good question. 

My Page of Polls is simply where you can go to fill out polls that I have created.  If you roll your mouse over it you’ll see that my Page of Polls is the parent to many other polls pages.  If you click on Page of Polls you will be confronted with some featured polls.  These are basically some random polls that I want you to fill out.  I will try my best to constantly switch these out so keep your eyes peeled. 

Underneath my Page of Polls you will see three other pages.  My old How am I doing? page (which I will try to update occasionally), The Pen is Mightier content (basically How am I doing? but more geared towards the content of my blog), and last but not least, Blogs.  Blogs is my favorite polls page.  It is where you can check out some of my favorite blogs and vote on how amazing they are.  If your blog is being featured, you can see what people think about your blog.  I will change these out weekly, but I will soon run out of blogs to feature.  When that happens, I will just have to delete that page and replace it with something new. Pages will come and go, so don’t forget to check often! 

Now, it’s story time!  Let’s recap what happened last time.  Callie is a second grader who feels she needs to find a cat.  She goes on an adventure and has to overcome obstacles such as the ground turning to a pool of olives and cherries and confused and hungry cattle dogs.  We left off with Callie staring into the eyes of a giant, hungry monster. 

            It had slimy horns that came out of its back.  They gleamed in the light of its eyes!  Then there were snails stuck on its face.  Callie shouted over the monsters roar, “They were wrong, dinosaurs aren’t extinct!”  With its rough hand the monster picked up Callie, and then she knew it was going to eat her. 

            Desperate for something to throw at the monster, she reached into her bag and grabbed her trampoline.  She flings it at the monster.  The monster takes it and looks at it, then the monster smiles and lets Callie go. 

            Then the monster slowly began to shrink, losing its horns and snails, and turns into a person.  No one had ever given the person a gift before, and that’s why she turned into a monster in the first place.  The she began to talk.  “Hi, I’m Jennet.  I’m sorry that I scared you.  You must be looking for a cat.”


            Callie was so startle at her sudden transformation that all she did was nod.  “You need to find a cat because your friend Fur has a very mean cat, and her cat has been causing damage.  You need to give her the nicest cant on earth because only the nicest cat can change Lilly Mittens now.”

            “Where do I find this cat?” Callie wonders. 

            “You will find Cleo in the emperor’s tomb, and you will drip the juice of the sparkle flower on his ashes. Then her will rise and be at your mercy.  You must bring him back and give him to Fur.”

            “Alright, I think I’m up for the challenge.”

            “You must hurry!”

            And so Callie set off on her next journey to find the sparkle flower and raise Cleo from the dead. 

            “I can’t fail with my bed, pickles, toothbrush, and trampoline!”

            And she began to walk to the airport. 

Wasn’t that cute?  I thought so!  Be sure to come by tomorrow to get the scoop on my new contests!  Woohoo!


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