The Escapism Project

Perhaps you have notice the buttons off to the side.  These are links to a blog called- you guessed it- The Escapism Project.  Maybe you’ve heard about it or visited it, so you know that this is  an awesome blog.  On the most basic level, this is a reading and writing blog.  But if you actually go and check it out you’ll know it’s so much bigger than that.  This is a reading and writing blog made of many contributors.  I am proud to be one of them.  The contributors get to contribute (duh) to the blog.  The Escapism Project has reviewed many books.  With many people reviewing books, there is sure to be one person you can relate to. 

There is so much more than book reviews on The Escapism Project.  There’s writing advice, contests, and soon they will be hosting their first-ever book club managed by the wonderful Mariella (she came up with the idea for this blog) and me.  That’s right, I am going to help manage the book club, and it’s going to be awesome.  The idea is that 5-10 escapists will be able to escape together and discuss it.  The only assignment (besides reading the book) will be to keep a log.  A log is a bit like a diary.  The escapists that are escaping (escaping into the book) will write down how their journey is going.  Mariella and I will choose specific pages for the escapists to write in their log.  This is just a very basic idea, and it needs a lot of work.  I am open to suggestions, so comment away!

The book club will not be happening any time soon.  This is because The Escapism Project needs to get bigger first.  It needs more followers, readers, commenters, subscribers, and contributors.  That’s where you come in!  I’m not asking you to do all of these things, I just want you to check this blog out.  I think you’ll like it a lot.  If you like it enough, read some of the posts, comment on a few, subscribe, and follow the blog.  If you really like it, do all of those things and email Mariella (her email is at the bottom of the Q & A page, which I strongly suggest you read) telling her you want to become a contributor.  If you’re a contributor, you don’t have to post everyday or even every week.  You just post when you have something to say. 

So please check it out, I will love you forever!  Thanks, you’re the best!


5 thoughts on “The Escapism Project

    • You have to ask Mariella to become a contributor (she’s the admin), and then she’ll send you an invite, but you don’t have to know her. I would reccomend commenting a few times before you ask to join, but you will most likely get in either way.

  1. AH! I love you! It’s so cool that you are doing this as well! 😀 It’s a really fun blog, huh? I love being part of it too. Seriously, everyone else check it out! It’s amazing.

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