The Travelling Smoothie

My wonderful fellow blogger Kirsten has created a blog meme (I think that’s what it’s called…), and this is a fantastic and horrific thing.  Fantastic because, let’s face it, it’s an awesome thing to do!  Horrific because, well, I couldn’t completely finish what I was supposed to do.  In my defense, it’s not totally my fault because… I’ll get to the blame game later.  For now, I’m sure you’re all wondering what this is all about. 

1. Put an uncolored copy of the smoothie into the post (for video bloggers, print it out or insert it into your video).

There it is.  The blank, boring smoothie.  But wait! 

2. Color in another copy of the smoothie. Be creative and color the smoothie, straw, and background, if you wish.

Chess Smoothie

Isn’t it beautiful?  I did get a bit creative with my smoothie, and before anyone asks, I did trace the chess pieces.  I tried to draw them without tracing, but it was a disaster.  You don’t even want to see it.  It was so awful I felt like burning it. 

3. Insert your colored smoothie in your post/ video/ webpage. If you wish, you may include the location of the smoothie. Be as general or specific as you wish.

Huh.  I guess I was supposed to put my smoothie here….  Well, I made this mistake, so none of you guys should.  Learn from my mistakes.  I was going to make a background, but I decided not to.  It’s confusing enough as it is, with only the two colors and the overlapping and such.  If I did create a background, I would make it a chessboard like the straw. 

4. Name five blogging/ video blogging/ DeviantArt friends who will then have to fill out the smoothie, too. Also remember to link to them, because linking to people makes said people happy.

So far there has been nothing horrific about this fantastic Travelling Smoothie, but here is where that all changes. 

Mariella– I just me her on The Escapism Project, and she’s quite remarkable.  I can’t wait to see how amazing your smoothie will be!

Faith– Also a participant in The Escapism Project, but I first met her on her personal blog.  She’s a fun and college bound blogger that I love so much! 

And… That is all.  I know, the instructions said five people, so we must assume that I either cannot count, or I couldn’t find three other people.  Neither are true.  I had five people, but others had already named them.  Some of the people I was going to choose are Shelby, Manet, Pheris, leighlights, and, oddly enough, I couldn’t stop thinking about linking Kirsten, the creator of the Travelling Smoothie.  If you are a blogger that just happens to come by this post, go ahead and fill in for the three people who need to create a smoothie.  Come on, don’t make me a complete failure!


12 thoughts on “The Travelling Smoothie

  1. thats the best one ive seen so far (even though you traced it!)! good job! mine was a fail, but thanks for semi-ish kinda tagging me 😛

  2. I noticed that you just changed your blog design! I liked the other one too, but I really like the picture you have at the top, under the title.

  3. Really? You like the grass? I’m going to be changing my theme a lot today to find one that looks cool with a header I designed, so don’t get too attached to any of them. I think you’ll like the header I designed a lot, too.

  4. Oh, and just so you know, I nominated you for a new blogging meme that I created. I’m sorry that it’ll come right after your smoothie post. Unfortunately, one of the first 5 people I nominated didn’t accept.

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