Another Meme

I have been nominated to participate in another blogging meme!  This one was created by Manet, so let’s all give her a round of applause.  This blogging meme is called The Changing Story Meme: Chocolate Moonlit night.  The only requirements this one has is that you have to be a blogger, and you have to like chocolate. 

The rules:

If you are nominated, you are allowed to put in one paragraph to continue the story.  If you’re writing dialogue, you may write two paragraphs if of speech 2 sentences or under (if it’s three sentences that they speak, not including interjections, you can only do one paragraph).  People may be tagged again two times at most.  The premise of this meme is that each time it’s posted, it’s a different story because it went to different people, but they all started with the same paragraph.  You also have to repost the rules and the entire story so far into your blog post that you have for this meme.  Just copy it off the post of whoever nominated you.

This is where the story starts:

The moon was full tonight, and it hovered over the teenagers as if blessing them.  Maybe that’s what it seemed like to anybody else.  But Ella had the feeling that it was cursing them. 
They had invited Ella to join them tonight, but instead of approaching them, Ella hung back.  She lingered in the shadows watching the teenagers stand so still it seemed like they weren’t breathing.  Ella took a deep breath preparing to step out of hiding, but before she could, a different girl walked confidently towards the ground of teenagers. 
There you go!  The first paragraph was written by Manet, and the second one was written by me.  Now, for the nominations. 
Kirsten– Ah, wonderful Kirsten.  You have been nominated.  I’m almost positive that you enjoy chocolate, so write away!  I love all of your writing and I can’t wait to read what you add to the story. 
leighlights– Hey leigh!  You have a beautiful blog that I strongly encourage everyone reading this to check out.  Although some of your posts are brief, they all are worth reading!  You do like chocolate, right?
Shelby– You’re rather (well, not really but sort of) new to my blog, but I love your comments just as much as I enjoy everyone elses! You also have a pretty blog and your header tells me you like chocolate! 
Izzi– I have no idea if you read my blog.  None.  I read yours, though, and it would make me very much happy if you read mine! Add on to the story, Izzi.  Add on to the story. 
Faith– I love your blog.  You are so amazing, and you are going to add on to this story.  That wasn’t a question, Faith.  You like chocolate.  You add on to story.  Go write.  NOW! 
Maybe you noticed my theme change.  Actually, make that hopefully you noticed my theme change.  It was quite a big change.  I also created a header image that I really like.  Could you maybe give me some feedback?  You like the unicorn, dragon, and mermaid?  Do you hate them?  Do you wan’t the font to be a different color?  I really love your input! 

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