Pottermore: A Place for Potter Fans to Gather


No.  That is my answer to your question.  No.  Nope.  Nah uh.  Nada.  Sorry, didn’t happen.  Disclaimer: By the time I finish this post, my answer may have changed.


I did some research after I failed (Don’t ask, I’ll tell you later).  I did some research on Pottermore.  While I was doing this research, I found something nifty that I would like to share with my fellow Potter fans.  It’s called Pottermore Insider.  It is the official blog for Pottermore.  This is where I figured out I failed. 

Now for my fail story.  I’m sure you’ve been looking forward to this.  I got up at 3 AM, which is unusual for me.  I did this because Kirsten of Kirsten Writes wrote a post telling her readers that she got up at 4 AM to wait for the clue because it was being released between 9 AM and 1 PM in some place across the ocean.  I did the math and got up at 3. 

I waited until 8 AM.  The clue was supposed to have been posted by now, and I was panicking.  I did some research, and then I discovered the Pottermore Insider.  I read that they were apparently staggering the times throughout the week. Todays clue will be posted from 8 AM to noon where I am, I think.  So I got up at 3 AM for nothing. 

That was my fail, I hope you enjoyed it.  It will all be worth it if I get in, though.  Since I still have time to spare, I did some more research to find out what Pottermore is all about.  Here are some questions and answers that I found on Pottermore Insider that helped me understand what Potter more is. 

Can you please explain what you mean by ‘online reading experience’? How much will I, as a Pottermore user, be able to affect the story? After all, hasn’t Harry’s story already been told?
The best way to think of Pottermore is as an interactive, illustrated companion to the books. J.K. Rowling wanted to create a site where her stories could live on and where readers could explore them in a new way. In addition to discovering new material from J.K. Rowling about Harry’s world, you’ll be able to interact with key story Moments (the Sorting Hat sequence, for example) and upload your own comments, thoughts and artwork for all the characters, objects and places that you come across.

So Pottermore isn’t a massively multiplayer online role-playing game like World of Warcraft, or a social network game like Farmville?
No. While there will be some simple games you can play (you’ll be able to brew potions, for example), Pottermore is very much about the books: being able to experience Harry’s story in a new way and discover all the additional information that J.K. Rowling has written.

Isn’t there a House Cup that we compete for by earning points?
Yes, there is. As you progress through the story you’ll also be able to earn house points – and once you get to the end of the first book you can carry on earning points to help your house win the House Cup.

That’s all I have for you today, dear reader.  If you are a Harry Potter fan, I hope you get into Pottermore! My answer is now yes.  I just got in.  My username is HallowQuill57, and soon I will be in Pottermore.  Soon…


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