Hey guys!  I’m on my way to some far off distant land!  Okay, I’m just on my way to Montana where I’ll be riding horses and going on hikes in just a few short days.  Ah, bliss!  I’m using this wonderful trip to read.  I finished Crank in just three hours.  I wrote a wonderful review about it, but my iPod just decided to make my day worse and deleted it.  What could be bad about this vacation?  I’ll tell you.  

I’m riding out with my friend’s family.  They’re good people, really.  It’s just so uncomfortable with them.  Too many awkward silences, I guess.  I’m also very homesick.  Well, not really home sick.  People sick.  I wish my mom were here to annoy me or something.  Sigh. I also got little sleep.  I climbed into bed at eight, determined to be fully functional today, but I didn’t fall asleep until after midnight.  

I just need some pity right now.  Thanks, I appreciate your pity.  I’m so tired.  I’ll update you on my vacation later, okay?  Bye!  Just to let you guys know, I’m posting this at a restaurant.  This was the only place with wifi that I could find!


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