When I was still on vacation, I checked my email like a good girl.  I, of course, wanted to read all of your spectacular blogs!  I did get some posts, but the majority of my inbox was filled with something else: likes.  Yes, that is correct.  I don’t remember the exact number, but I got many, many likes.  The posts that were liked were Contest 101, and Important Update.  WHY WERE THEY LIKED?  They weren’t even that spectacular.  And the real kicker is this: I have never heard of the people who liked those posts.  I’m serious!  Of the maybe ten people who liked those posts, I knew none of them!  Can anyone tell me what’s going on? 

On a different note, I’m cancelling all contests except the 200th commenter because I didn’t get enough entries.  Sorry guys.  Speaking of that contest, we have a winner!  The wonderful blogger Manet!  Now, Manet, I owe you a wish.  Tell me in the comments what you’d like your wish to be, and all will be well!  Leighlights, I haven’t started your wish.  I know, I am ashamed.  You did give me a pretty broad category, though.  If I remember correctly, you asked me to make a piece of art (or did you want a drawing?) with light in it.  Yeah, that’s gonna be hard.  But do not fret!  I will get it done!  You do realize what’s going to happen, right leighlights?  I’m going to google light and see what I come up with. 

Isn’t this pretty?

I want to draw that!  That looks so pretty.  If that doesn’t work out (which it probably won’t), I’ll come up with something else.  No big deal.  So, Manet….  What do you want me to do?  I can post on your blog, you can post on my blog, I can draw you something, I can advertise your blog on this blog (, and do many other things!  So what’ll it be?

Also, I’m going to try to start a routine.  At the end of every post I’m going to put a demotivator.  I tried (and failed) to do this with the book thing, but this is a lot easier.  I think this can work.  What is a demotivator?  A demotivator is unique to the website  Basically, they’re the opposite of motivational posters.  You know, those posters with the big picture and the words underneath that are supposed to motivate you?  Yeah, those are lame. is an awesome website that sells demotivator posters and lots of other stuff.  Want a glance at their products?  Well, here’s a few. 

This is one of their t-shirts

FacebookI Didn't Do ItYour Blog More t-shirts!

Aren’t they funny?  Now for the demotivator of the day…

Beauty Demotivator
X’s and O’s,
Katie Lemontop

6 thoughts on “Like-a-Thon?

  1. congrats on over 200 comments, thats really awesome! awwww im so sad that the contests got cancelled 😦 oh well! those t shirts are really funny!

  2. Hmm…My wish is for you to share some of YOUR writing on YOUR blog. And if you choose to do it in micro-stories, please show us at least 5. Anyway, I would like for the total amount of writing you share to be at least 700 words. Is that too much? My short stories are much longer.

    • Wow. My short stories consist of half a page of depressing prose. I won’t be sharing any short stories, but I will share some of my old novel (after I heavily edit it).

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