Family of Bloggers: Extended Edition

That’s right!  My family of bloggers is back and better than ever!  I would recommend reading the first post before this one if you haven’t.  The link is here.  In this post I wrote about Faith of The Love of Words, Izzi of Izzies Fantasy World, and Kirsten of Kirsten Writes, so go check it out.  Now.  You checked it out, right?  Good.  In this post we have two new additions to my family of bloggers.  I’d like for it to be three or four, but I’m still debating the color of Shelby’s hair and I don’t know enough about Manet yet.  Who are the lucky two?  Pherisphena Ladea of The Word Asylum and leighlights of… er, leighlights!  I hope you two are excited! 

Pherisphena Ladea:


Pherisphena has brown hair that’s sort of frizzy but not that hard to tame.  It’s long (very long) and wavy.  Since I can never get my hair to grow, I am super jealous of hers.  Her blue eyes always have a knowing look to them, which bugs me to no end.  She practically mimics my style with her t-shirts, jeans, and baggy sweatshirts, but she sticks to this pattern as if it’s the law.  Pherisphena is the tallest 14-year-old I know, boy or girl, and she constantly makes me feel small.  Although most people wouldn’t guess, she loves the color pink. 


Pherisphena is inquisitive and constantly fights city hall in every way.  She doesn’t conform to society and adults tend to dislike her upon sight.  She likes panda bears.  She’s passionate about her reading and writing.  Even though she doesn’t seem like it, she’s actually very girly.  Her favorite color is dark green.  Season spring, though fall is a very close second.  I get along very well with Pheris, probably better than anyone else in my family of bloggers.  This is most likely due to the fact that she’s so darn kind.  She’s nice to everyone unless they’re mean to her.  If that happens, she gets very defensive and isn’t afraid to start an argument or a fight.  I admire Pheris.  She is the person you go to when you need a hug. 



If leigh walks down a hallway, everyone turns to look.  This isn’t just because she’s pretty, it’s also because she has an aura that demands attention.  Her hair is blonde, it’s perfectly straight, it’s thick, and it falls to her waist.  When it catches in the sun it turns a beautiful golden color.  She has a wonderful fashion sense that is uniquely her.  Her eyes are a pretty light blue that sparkle when she’s excited.  She’s 12 years old, but she acts a lot older.  Perhaps this is why she’s so tired all the time…. 


Leigh likes everything to be perfect, and she makes it her job to see that everything is in its place.  She works hard, and everyone appreciates it, but sometimes we have to force Leigh to take a break.  During the middle of each day, somehow her room is a terrible mess, but by the time she goes to bed it’s spotless.  How she does this is a mystery.  Leigh constantly doubts herself, but she doesn’t need to.  Despite her perfectionist attitude, leigh can be a ton of fun when she’s laid back.  Whenever we play a game, she’s super competitive and determined to win.  We never let leigh into the kitchen because cooking is not one of her talents.  Leigh and I get into small arguments, but mostly we respect each other and work together. 

So there you have it.  Two new extensions to my blog family.  If you haven’t, I do strongly recommend you check out my original family of bloggers post.  Once again, the link is here.  Thank you for taking the time to read this post.  I’ll see you soon! 

X’s and O’s,



7 thoughts on “Family of Bloggers: Extended Edition

  1. Dirty blonde?

    My hair is what I call sternum-length. Yes, that makes me think of singing, and I do have a natural disposition to start spontaneously singing any song (either that I wrote or that I didn’t) when the sonics are good and my parents aren’t around. Sometimes this makes me more popular. Sometimes it makes me less.

  2. Oh. And my eyes are green, not brown. For some reason in all the photos of me, they show up brown, unless the picture is taken without a flash. Most people think they’re brown if they see me in real life, too, until they look really closely.

  3. As much as I wouldn’t mind having an aura and having long blonde hair, I definitely do not, and also my room is pretty much messy full time. 🙂 On cooking: certainly. Barricade the doors of the kitchen, ’cause Leigh’s comin’ through! I made rock- hard brownies with a friend once, even though I just made fairly good pumpkin muffins from scratch with a four-year-old.
    Thanks for doing that!

  4. Gah, I just discovered this NOW. And I’m left wondering, “Have I read this before? I must have read this before. Seriously?” But obviously I didn’t. I would have commented long ago.

    I’m terribly sorry for not seeing this sooner! I love your description of me, though there are some obvious flaws on my part (an example: my hair is not all that easy to tame. Don’t be jealous). I actually laughed out loud once or twice.

    You’re awesome, Katie. Truly awesome.

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