School: A Warning

I’m going to warn you in advance because I believe I owe it to you: School will be a big topic in my next month of posts.  This is mainly because I can’t stop thinking about it.  You see, I crave new things.  Summer is old now, and school is new.  I don’t want to surf the internet everyday anymore.  I don’t want to watch three episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer a day.  I want school because it’s new. 

At the moment, there is nothing I can do to prepare for school.  I’ve done all the shopping.  Well, not all.  Apparently this year we need headphones, which I think is completely ridiculous.  Why do we need headphones?  In the past the school has provided us with them.  What changed?  Anyways, on Monday I can pick up my schedule.  Slacker and I are biking to school (we don’t live that far away) as soon as we can get our schedules.  I will share my schedule on my blog for two reasons.  One: I want to.  Two: So my friends won’t continuously call me asking to compare schedules.  Seems like a good enough reason. 

When I get my schedule I’ll work on memorizing my locker combination, memorizing my schedule, planning out the shortest route from my locker to my classrooms, labeling my notebooks and folders, and so on.  As you may be able to tell, I’m very bored with summer.  Plus, school gives me a lot of things to blog about, and that should make you happy. 

I’ve always been really quiet in my classes unless I have a friend.  For example, in Tech Ed (Technology Education) and Art last year, I didn’t have any friends.  Thus, I had no one to buddy up with when the time came, and I had no one to talk to.  Thankfully, I had Slacker in most of my classes, so I could talk to her.  She is also probably the main reason I got yelled at in class, but who cares?  I like to talk. 

To make this post interesting, I’m going to give you the worst and best case scenarios for my school year.  I’m going to start with worst. 


My locker is very far from my classes and I have to haul everything for the whole day to every class I go to.  I have no friends in my classes, and (shudder) no friends to sit by at lunch.  I am late for several classes on the first day and I walk into the wrong classroom numerous times.  I have lots of mean teachers that give lots of homework and have impossible expectations.  I cannot memorize my locker combination, and I get in Gym instead of Astronomy.  Somehow I end up taking Spanish instead of French in some terrible mix-up that they cannot fix.  I also have to retake Algebra 1, despite having a steady A- all of last year.  I have a bottom locker. 


My locker is close to all my classes and I can stop there in between them to drop off and pick up things.  I have nearly all of my friends in most of my classes (which will be nearly impossible because Fur just has to be a freaking genius) and we all have lunch together.  I’m never late and walk into all of the right classrooms at the right time on the first day.  My teachers are nice and give a reasonable amount of homework and have reasonable expectations.  My locker combination is very similar to the one I had last year making it easier to memorize.  I get in Astronomy, French (I would also be fine with German), and Geometry (NOT gym).  I have a top locker. 

About the whole top locker/bottom locker thing….  The people who designed our school are idiots.  They have lockers right on top of each other.  This makes them very small and hard to get to when the person with the locker above or below you has to grab their stuff.  They also have no shelves.  They are just a metal box.  Because of this, we have to buy locker shelves.  Luckily I just have to put up with this for one final year…. 

Wishes Demotivator

X’s and O’s,

Katie Lemontop

Ps: As you may have figured out, this turned into more of a post about school than a warning.


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