We all have those days where we have a super epic post but our parents are too busy working/watching a TV show about guns to teach us how to get pictures from the camera to the computers.  We do all have those days, right?  Well, the fact of the matter is, I wish I could be writing about zucchini, pumpkins, Slacker, and Rumble Roar right now, but I’m going to talk about something you probably already know about: the vlogbrothers. 

The vlogbrothers are John and Hank Green, and they (as you may have already guessed) vlog.  They are pretty famous among Youtubers, I guess.  If you’re curious to see what vlogbrothers is all about, look up “vlogbrothers” on youtube and click on the first video that comes up. 

What I really like about the vlog brothers is that John Green is a writer.  He has published many books and gotten many awards.  At this VERY MOMENT you can pre-order his newest book, The Fault in Our Stars.  Every pre-ordered copy of this book will be signed.  Pretty awesome, yes?  I have no idea what this book is about, but I’m probably going to pre-order it anyways. 

I really want you (yes you) to go check out the vlogbrothers.  If you watch their videos, you are bound to laugh and learn something new!  You can also learn what DFTBA (it’s an initialism) stands for.  Unless you already know, then just check them out anyways.  These videos are inspiring and awesome, and they don’t get old.  Did you know that John has to sign 150,000 copies of The Fault in Our Stars?  Yeah, and he has to sign 2,000 copies a day.  That’s a lot of books to sign.  That’s a lot of sharpies to go through. 

And did you know that Rainbow is his friend?  Yeah, she just forgot to mention that she’s kind of a big deal when we met!  Good luck to John on his 150,00 signatures, and good luck to Rainbow who is crocheting 150,000 stitches for charity.  GO RAINBOW!  Someday you will teach me how to crochet, Rainbow.  Someday…. 

Is it just me, or does this post seem to be dragging on and on?  I should probably add some of the vlogbrothers’ videos, and maybe some of Rainbow’s videos, but I’m too lazy and I’m not sure Rainbow would like that.  I need to get her permission. 

In conclusion, Rainbow is one of the awesomest people I know and she continues to baffle me with her spectacularness.  Also, the vlogbrothers are worth checking out, and I strongly suggest you do this.  Especially you, Fur.  With you super awesome, huge, blue laptop, this shouldn’t be hard.  Slacker, I will blog about you, zucchini, pumpkins, and Rumble Roar soon. 

Insight Demotivator


Katie Lemontop

PS: I get my schedule tomorrow!


5 thoughts on “vlogbrothers

  1. French the llama Katie!!!! I love you! Gahhh… I am smiling so hard right now. My weekend has been made.

    Best Wishes!


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