Schedules: Prepare for a Rant

Today is a sad, sad day.  Sad because so far I have the worst case scenario.  And I just made that to cheer me up because I knew it probably wouldn’t happen.  I have gym.  Physical education. Phys. Ed.  I don’t care what you call it because it doesn’t change the fact that I’m going to die.  Eighth grade hasn’t even started and I know it’s going to be the worst year of school ever.  Except maybe fifth grade.  That was pretty bad. 

I have gym, and I do not have astronomy.  The blasted school replaced something I love with something I despise.  The physical activities I participated in this summer were limited to archery and hiking.  Granted, I hiked several miles up and down hills, but still, I did not get enough physical activity in me to be in gym.  There must be some law against putting terrified writers into gym.  Thankfully, I can say one good thing about this gym.  It’s the personal fitness one, not the regular one.  This is good because regular gym is all sports and competitive stuff.  Personal fitness gym is all… less sports and competitive stuff.  But I am very sad that I am not in astronomy.  I’ve been interested in stars since fifth grade (that was one of the memories that I didn’t block out), and now I cannot expand on my knowledge of them.  Isn’t that what school is for?  In gym I don’t learn anything.  I guess I should give you my schedule now. 

Katie Lemontop’s

Class One: Accelerated Earth Science, everyday
Class Two: Honors Geometry, everyday
Class Three: Geography, everyday
Class Four: Orchestra, everyday
LUNCH D (everyday!)
Class Five: Advanced Integrated Language Arts, everyday
Class Six: Phys. Ed.-  Personal Fitness, every other day
Class Six: Art, every other day
Class Seven: French, everyday
Advisory in the Tech. Ed. room without chairs and air conditioning, every-freaking-day

Slacker’s Schedule

Class One: Advanced Integrated Language Arts, everyday
Class Two: Geography, everyday
Class Three: French, everyday
Class Four: Band, everyday
LUNCH D (everyday!)
Class Five: AVID (don’t ask, I don’t get it either), everyday
Class Six: Accelerated Earth Science, everyday
Class Seven: Honors Geometry, everyday
Advisory: One of the AVID classrooms with air conditioning and chairs every-freaking-day

We only have three of the same teachers, no classes together, but thankfully we have lunch together.  BUT HER ADVISORY HAS CHAIRS!  Mine doesn’t, and it’s full of machines that I mostly don’t have to use (I did take tech. ed. last year).  I hope you all fared better than me, because I have probably the worst schedule so far. 

Dear friends in real life,


X’s and O’s,

Katie Lemontop

Challenges Demotivator

All Your Base Are Belong To Us,

Katie Lemontop


6 thoughts on “Schedules: Prepare for a Rant

  1. 1. Honors English
    2. Phys. Ed (every other day) the other day is Honors Bio lab
    3. Honors Bio
    4. German
    5. Lunch
    6. Geometry
    7. Leadership/Theatre
    8. Health(1st semester)/Honors European History(2nd sem.)
    9. American History(1st. sem.)/Study Hall (2nd sem.)

  2. Get over it. Besides, astronomy is as boring as ****, according to my friends that had it. And the tech ed rooms aren’t as bad as you think they’ll be. Trust me.

    Also… be glad that you didn’t get ALL THE HARDEST CLASSES AT ONCE LIKE ME! I got my schedule switched, though.

      • Also, my schedule for trimester 1: (everything, lunch included, changes each tri)
        1: Honors Government
        2: IB Prep Physics
        3: BAND! 🙂
        4: Honors English
        5: Phy Ed… stupid required classes…

        I’m really excited for high school, not gonna lie.

  3. 1 Art every other
    1 Design & manufacturing every other
    2 Adv ILA
    3 Geography
    4 Band
    5 Accel Earth Science
    6 Honor Geometry
    7 French
    Lunch D
    p.s There are sections of book stores that are dedicated to astronomy if you want to learn about the stars

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