I planned on blogging yesterday.  I really did.  I promise.  Maybe it was going to be pretty boring, but I was planning on blogging.  I just got busy.  I went to the Mall of America, which is pretty big if you don’t live an hour away from it.  We went on the rides at Nickelodeon Universe.  It used to be Camp Snoopy, and it was much more fun them.  I got a necklace.  It was fun.  Then I came home, cleaned out my room to make space for some books that were lounging around.  Yes, books can lounge. 

See? A lounging book drinking Sunset Drink!

 I didn’t try too hard on paint.  The book is sitting in a chair with his feet on a table and a glass of Sunset Drink in his hand.  The book is male.  I got him off of the internet. 

Moving onto todays topic: Scatergories.  More specifically, Scatergories for adults.  I am not an adult, nor do I want to become one anytime soon, but I figured it would be okay if I played it.  After all, it’s just Scatergories.  I suppose Scatergories for adults becomes for adults when you play it with adults.  Actually, I don’t suppose it.  I know it.  I played it with two eighteen year olds today, and they didn’t mind their language much.  Whatever, I can handle it. 

I love Scatergories.  It’s fun and different every time you play it, and I’ve been playing it quite a lot in these past few days.  A big shout out to Izzi, because you made me miss a point!  Hurray!  The topic was Science Things, and I had to find one that started with an A.  All I could think of was quarks.  Thanks, Izzi.  Thanks a lot.  Also a shout out to Kirsten, Pheris and everyone else who talked about The Books of Elsewhere.  Although I haven’t read it yet, I used it for books that start with B. 

For some reason whenever the letter is N, I always find some way to incorporate Neverland into my answer.  The first time I did it was Things in Outer space.  Neverland is in outer space (think: “second star to the right, and straight on ’till morning!”).  The next time was Things that are Bright.  Neverland is bright.  Neverland is essentially inside a star, and stars are bright. 

Some creative answers that I came up with included Parseltongue for a Language that starts with P.  I also got Imagination for tools that start with I, mercury poisoning for a reason you were Late for Something that starts with M, balls of burning gas (two points!) for Things in the Sky that start with b, and singing to significant other (two points!) for Things that go well with chocolate.  I am quite creative when it comes to this game.  If I’m not creative, I’m going to lose.  Granted, I lost anyways, but I’m the youngest one playing this game. 

For Famous Duos and Trios that start with R, my brother put Ron, Harry, and Hermione.  I thought that was clever.  For Things Found in a Hotel, you could have put any number of things.  You could have put rooms, restrooms… and I’m sure you could think of other things, but Honey (my brother’s girlfriend) put red blood cells.  Well, yeah.  There are red blood cells in a hotel, but really?  How did she come up with that?

I’m sure there were other creative things that I could find, but I can only remember so much.  I hope that post wasn’t too dull.  It was fun to write, so that is a good sign.  I love the game Scatergories, even though I have never won. 

Curiosity Demotivator

All Your Base Are Belong To Us,

Katie Lemontop

Ps: A big thanks to Kirsten.  You gave me a kick in the pants to finish reading Leviathan, a book I had started a few months earlier.  Now I need to read Behemoth.


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