Beasties and Heroes and Angels, Oh My! (Also Other Stuff)

Thank you Kirsten.  Thank you so much.  I feel like I owe you a wish even though you didn’t win any contests.  That reminds me about leighlights wish.  I’m working on it.  I’ve started drawing.  Kirsten, thank you so much.  I love you (in a not so weird way).  Thank you for getting me to finish reading Leviathan.  I picked it up and finished it two days ago.  Then I bought Behemoth yesterday and finished it yesterday.  This probably has to do with me being in a car the majority of the day, but it was still an amazing book.  Thank you. 

Guess what the first thing I did when I finished Behemoth was?  I looked up Goliath, the third book.  Guess when it comes out?  On September 13!  And this is no trick, it comes out September 13, 2011.  I can’t wait.  Sadly, I will have to wait.  10 days!  I finished Behemoth at practically the perfect time!  Thank you Kirsten! 

Isn't it wonderful?

Now, onto my next book.  That’s right, this is a post mostly about books.  I will also be adding other stuff.  Can anyone guess what the next book that I will be talking about is?  The Son of Neptune!  That is the sequel to The Lost Hero, for all of you uninformed people out there.  The first book was pretty good, although it really left you hanging.  I’m a pretty big fan of Rick Riordan’s books, but I’m honestly not sure if I’m going to like this one.  It comes out on October 4, 2011. 

It's a pretty cool cover

 The final book is called Silence.  It’s the third book in the Hush, Hush series (trilogy?).  The first is called, obviously, Hush, Hush.  The second was called Crescendo.  I really enjoyed the first two books, and the second one left you hanging as much as The Lost Hero did.  Slacker lent me these books, and I appreciate it.  They were really good.  This book comes out on October 25, 2011. 

Those wings won't hold him up if he tries to fly...

There you have it!  Three books I am eagerly waiting to read.  Too bad I have to wait for them to come out first…

After reading a post by Pherisphena Ladea called A Tribute to Autumn, I decided to write about autumn as well.  It is my very favorite season, but for some different reasons than Pheris.  For one, I don’t let the seasons determine what I eat when.  I’ll eat stew in the summer if I want to.  I’ll make pie in the spring if I feel like it!  My mother, unfortunately, doesn’t feel the same way.  Since I’m normally too lazy to make stew or pie, I only eat them when she makes them, which is in the winter. 

Another reason I adore autumn, is because it’s generally when the most tornadoes appear.  I love storms.  They are beautiful.  Although tornadoes typically come around in the fall, we had quite a few early this summer.  Actually, we had a lot.  I don’t know if fall can beat summer on the tornadoes.  I also like autumn because I have a garden in my backyard.  normally we don’t harvest anything but rhubarb.  This year, we got a lot more than rhubarb.  Most of it came in the form of zucchini, but we have about a dozen pumpkins just waiting to be picked.  We also got a few peppers and tomatoes (yuck!) as well. 

 On a completely related but really not at all note, I dropped my brother off at college yesterday.  After driving two and half hours there we unloaded almost all of his belongings, and said goodbye.  I love my brother a lot, and it was harder than I let on to say goodbye.  I’m really going to miss him.  I hope that this is an adequate excuse for not posting yesterday.  If it’s not, you obviously have never dropped an older brother off at college before. 

Indecision Demotivator

It’s Over 9000,

Katie Lemontop

Ps: If you understand my last few closings, tell me.  Thank you.


4 thoughts on “Beasties and Heroes and Angels, Oh My! (Also Other Stuff)

  1. Leviathan and Behemoth were wonderful books, I’m really looking forward to Goliath when it comes out. I don’t know if I’ll but it the day it comes out, but the week it comes out is not out of the question.

    • I really want to get it as soon as it comes out, but I highly doubt that’s going to happen. I’ll just have to keep nagging my mom to take me to the book store. Or order it on Amazon.

  2. I’ve gotten the last couple closings! Where have you been learning these memes? (I learn these sorts of things from youtube. It’s very educational.)

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