Just Keep Swimming

The title of this post is very misleading, for I am not swimming anywhere.  In fact, I have not swum in a while.  The last time I drifted mindlessly through water was sometime in August when I was at a hotel.  I suppose I should have entitled this post “Just Keep Waiting”, but I was very inclined to call it what it is called now.  I am waiting.  In fact, I’ve been waiting for quite a while now.  It was only yesterday that I fully remembered what I was waiting for. 

Pottermore.  I am waiting for Pottermore.  Reading this post written by the wonderful Kirsten renewed my gusto.  Once again, I am constantly checking my inbox in hopes of discovering that small yet significant email.  Everytime I open my email my fingers start shaking.  I scan through my new emails and see the usual.  Blog posts.  I am subscribed to lots of blogs, so I get a lot of blog posts in my inbox.  But no Pottermore welcome email.  So I guess I’ll just keep swimming….

On a happier (Haha!  That was a joke.) note, school is starting to pick up.  I’ve gotten math homework all of the three days I’ve been at school, but we just started learning new things and not just reviewing.  My dearest mother told me I would get French homework everyday, but so far I haven’t gotten any.  I have to read 1200 pages of books that I have never read before (Darn, I was planning on re-reading the Harry Potter series.) by mid-November (preferably before November starts… I’d better get cracking).  In science we’re still solving puzzles.  I have nothing against puzzles, but I’m kind of getting annoyed with Mrs. Nizzyknickers (not her real name, just a made up one… sort of). 

Worst of all, I have gym tomorrow.  I had gym on Wednesday as well, but tomorrow I have to participate in *shudder* physical activity.  From what my gym teacher talked about, I understand that in this class I will be running a lot, and I will lose 75 pounds.  Actually, she told us a story about a girl who lost 75 pounds by taking this class.  But the running part is true.  Apparently we run the pacer about every week.  The pacer is just running across the gym again and again gradually getting faster until you pass out.  At this point I was practically quivering in a corner thinking, “Oh God, what have I gotten myself into?”.  I actually like the pacer, but doing it every week is more than a bit extreme.  Oh yeah, and the locker room smells.  It genuinely stinks. 

Persistence Demotivator


Katie Lemontop


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