Old Projects and New Projects

Hi, reader.  Today is 9/11.  Stuff happens everyday, but lot’s of stuff happened today.  I was really young when the scary people attacked.  I was about seven when we got my dog today.  I chose to celebrate my dog’s birthday and be happy today, rather than to be sad and mournful.  I think that that’s okay. 

Basically, reader, today I want to tell you about all of my recent projects.  I don’t think this is boring, but if you do, I apologize.  But there will be a poll at the end, so bear with me!  The first thing I would like to tell you is sad, but it’s for the best.  I think you know what this is, Frenzy.  Yes, it’s true.  Frenzy and I are no longer going to be co-writing a novel in November.  I’m okay with this because Frenzy has to deal with the perils of High School while I’m still chillin’ in eighth grade.  We will still be writing Berserkers, but at a later date so we have time to plan it out. 

My dad has a really cool pen in his office!  Okay, that was off topic, but I did warn you I was tired.  I didn’t?  Oh.  Sorry.  I’m tired.  There, you have been warned. 

Now that Frenzy and I are not going to be writing together for NaNoWriMo, I have to plan a novel.  Uh oh.  It’s actually not a big deal.  I’m good at developing plots really fast.  I have two ideas, and both would be a challenge to write.  Here’s idea one:

A new metal has been created.  It’s strong and light, and it can be manipulated so that it can be a good insulator or conductor.  It’s used for everything from cars to television sets to jewelry.  Soon after the metal was developed, people start to disappear. 

When Jada’s parents disappeared, they left only a note saying that they were leaving on a long vacation.  When they didn’t come back, she started to cut herself.  Now that she is at her aunt’s home, she has gotten the help to stop cutting.  But when her aunt’s home starts to feel like a prison, she runs away. 

Mark is the leader of a group of misfit teenagers who are trying to figure out why people are disappearing.  When Jada catches them sneaking into a government facility, they have no choice but to take her captive.  Jada proves to be more of an ally than a prisoner, so they let her in on their plan to stop the disappearances by killing whoever is responsible for it.  They suspect Patricia Tyler, the head of espionage.  When they find out that she is researching the same disappearances, they join forces with her to discover the truth. 

What does the new metal have to do with the disappearances?  What really happened to Jada’s parents?

I don’t have a name for that idea yet, and I don’t know how to answer the questions at the end.  I came up with it yesterday, so give me a break.  This will be my first science fiction story if I decide to write it.  Here’s idea two:

Cassandra has recently graduated from college, and she has also recently lost her fiance to some terrible accident (haven’t figured out what yet).  Cassie is struggling to cope with her loss.  She rented a house where she found several letters stamped with a red “Return To Sender” on them.  Curiousity gets the better of her, and she opens them.  What she reads will help her find new ways to cope with her loss and put her on a mission to reunite a couple that should be together. 

This one is realistic fiction.  I do have a name for this one: Return To Sender.  It has a lot of holes in the plot, but it’s also a fairly new idea.  Now you must vote.

I have one more thing to tell you.  Perhaps you remember my old novel, A Game of Secrets.  If you don’t that’s fine.  I just wanted to let you know that it is no longer at a stand-still.  Arianna’s cousin (she needs a name… WriterGirl.  That is her name.) is super into that story, so she’s going to help me finish it.  We will co-write the ending, I guess.  Wish us luck!  And please vote in my poll!  PLEASE! 

Mercy Demotivator

X’s and O’s,

Katie Lemontop


2 thoughts on “Old Projects and New Projects

  1. I’m glad you have ideas about the new nanowrimo! Sorry again to cancel like that but at least now we’ll have time to plan even more elaborately. I can’t view the poll for some reason but I think the first idea has a lot of potential. Love ya Lemonhead, thanks for understanding.

  2. Btw, RIP to all those who lost their lives exactly ten years ago to the terrorist attack, and to those who stood up to the terrorists on the plane heading to Washington, D.C. ❤

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