Writing is my Life

It’s official, writing is my life.  By some definitions, this means I have no life.  By others it means I have the best life one could ask for.  I prefer the latter choice.  There are five parts to my life: thinking about writing, reading about writing, researching about writing, reading, and actually writing.  Then there are the small, unimportant tidbits, such as homework and cleaning my room.  Even then, I’m always a writer.  I started cleaning my room because I wanted to be able to fit all of my books in my room without random stacks everywhere.  Homework is always writing.  Math is writing.  English is writing.  Orchestra is writing.  Trust me.  No matter what class you are in I can guarantee you will write. 

Thinking about writing is what I do all the time.  If I’m talking to a person (yes, even you Ariana/Lilly/Alex/Fur/Frenzy/Slacker/etcetera) I’m always thinking of writing.  Whether it be a new plot, or a new word, or a way to slice up that person’s personality and create a character out of them (which, trust me guys, you don’t want) it always has to do with writing.  In my classes I try to focus, but over-focussing translates to mental breakdown translates to doodles and random words and misspellings in my notebook margins.  Once I’m out in the hallway I’m oblivious.  My head is in the clouds — still suffering from all of that focussing — and I won’t hear you if you call me.  If I do hear you, I most likely won’t acknowledge you unless you are of some importance, or I want to flag you down to share my latest novel ideas with you (which you also don’t want me to do). 

I read about writing at home.  Once I get home from school I plop my booty on the office chair and do things that involve reading about writing.  I generally visit ywp.nanowrimo.org first, then I will go to amazon to look up books about writing.  After that I look at normal books, and YouTube videos.  Then I will occasionally check out magazines that publish teen writing.  I am currently thinking about submitting some poems of mine to KidzEra.  You don’t get any money if they publish your work, you get points (I’m not sure what you do with them yet).  I don’t care what I get, but getting published would be huge

I research about writing quite a bit.  Whether it be tips on how to improve a plot, editing help, or writing prompts, this is a common subject of my googling.  Reading is pretty much self-explanatory.  I like to read, so I do.  I check websites like wattpad and inkpop daily for update, but I also read published novels.  I am currently reading The Pale Assassin, a HIstorical Fiction story about the French Revolution.  Historical Fiction was never my favorite, but lately I’ve been liking it more than I thought I would. 

Of all of these things, the actual act of writing something original daily is the hardest and the most important.  This is a challenge that I eagerly except, and I’m completing it right at this moment!  Your blogs also help me complete this goal.  If I don’t blog, how do I get my daily dose of writing in?  I comment on your blogs.  I am not a usual commenter, but I like to comment.  I like giving you feedback!  I just never seem to get around to it.  I can count more than a dozen posts that I wished I’d commented on. 

Writing is something I wish I did more often.  Well, writing and reading.  I want to read three poems (published or not) a day, and I want to write one poem a day.  I want to comment on multiple blogs a day and blog everyday!  This isn’t such a huge challenge, but I never seem to get around to doing all of this.  I hope someday I will do all of this and more, but I really hope to do it sooner than someday.  Wish me luck!

What is your daily writing endeavor?  I like receiving feedback too! 

Despair Demotivator

X’s and O’s,

Katie Lemontop


2 thoughts on “Writing is my Life

  1. Wow, I’ll give you huge props for your obvious love for writing. Good luck for the KidzEzra thing, I’ve never heard of it, but it sounds great! My daily writing endeavours… well, I have none. It’s a problem that I have, slacking off on my writing, I mean. But anyway, good luck to you!

    • Thanks! KidzEra is a free magazine written by teens. I learned about it from my 6th grade teacher (loved her), and she encouraged me to submit some of my poetry for it, so… I’m still thinking about doing it. It’s fine that you don’t write every day. I remember all through the summer I was so excited to write, but I never did it. School fired me up and got me writing again. I hope you find your writing rhythm!

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