Garbage Sculptures

Yesterday at my Wednesday night church program called JHAMS (Jesus Has All My Soul/Junior High And Middle School), we did some pretty fun stuff.  It was the first week of JHAMS for this year, so we were all psyched to be reunited we our friends.  There was hugging aplenty and laughs to go around.  Everyone was just so darn excited.  We started with singing as was per usual, and then we discussed the rules (there were only five, and one was have fun). 

After all of that craziness, the counselors got a chance to introduce themselves.  They had to say their name, their favorite thing about middle schoolers and burp as loud as they could into the microphone.  Over half of the counselors couldn’t burp on demand, but I can’t either so I understood.  Apparently our counselors (who consist of high schoolers and people in college) enjoy our company because we are crazy, random, and funny.  Some other favorite things were that middle schoolers have such a wide range of shoe sizes, and that we think we have so much homework, but just wait until highschool. 

And then came the real fun: garbage statues.  They separated us into three groups (6th, 7th, and 8th graders), and we each got a bag of garbage.  With that garbage we had five minutes to make a statue and two minutes to strategize before that.  8th graders had the biggest group, but that actually turned into an advantage.  It would have been hard with that many people if we got into fights, but we worked together.  We made a tall robot.  It was tall.  And that was quite an accomplishment.  I mostly handed out tape and helped create an arm.  It was still fun. 

Then we had big, BIG, PRIZES!  The counselors ask us questions (sometime they dress up) and when they say “beep” we stand up waving our hands around wildly.  If they call on you, you answer.  If you’re right you win the prize.  And we’re talking epic prizes here.  There are CD’s, and balloons, and disposable cameras, but there’s also Twinkies, fruit snacks, mini cans of pop, and other consumable objects. 

Some other variations of big, BIG, PRIZES! is the baby food one.  That’s when the counselors get all kinds of baby foods.  People have to raise their hands, and if you get chosen to go up you and another person get a spoonful of the baby food.  The first person to guess the flavor wins the prize.  One time I participated in an orange juice drinking contest.  I lost, but that’s probably because I hate orange juice.  JHAMS is just the most amazing thing ever.  Ever. 

Recognition Demotivator

X’s and O’s,

Katie Lemontop


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