Updates and NaNoWriMo

I want to get the updates over with first because I’m afraid that if I don’t, I’ll forget.  First of all (I’ve been meaning to say this for about… oh, two months?  So listen up!) feed my fish.  Please.  Do you see the little widget over on the right side that says “Feed the Fish!”?  Yes?  Good.  Now feed them.  You feed my wonderful fish by clicking in their tank.  You can also make them follow your mouse icon.  Just put your mouse arrow thing in the tank and they’ll all swarm around it wanting food.  It’s very entertaining.  I hope you got all of that.  Now, feed some fish! 

Also, I changed my theme.  I really hope you noticed that.  I really do.  It was a big change.  I actually put in a background this time!  It’s all stars and sparkles and night sky and such.  Do you like my header image?  I really like it!  I think it’s a nice because it’s got color, so it balances out the black and white of my theme and background.  What are your thoughts?  If you hate it, just let me know.  I can change it in a jiffy. 

I think that’s all I have to say for the updates section of my post.  Now, NaNoWriMo is another story.  I.  Am.  Freaking.  Out.  I might not show it, but I am.  I’m trying to stock up of chocolate, write two outlines (because I have yet to decide on a novel idea), practice my violin, read writing books, clean bathrooms (to get money to buy writing books), do homework, and act cool.  So far I am succeeding.  I just need a bit of your input. 

Remember when I told you about the two ideas I had (one was science fiction, and the other was realistic fiction)?  Yeah, I scrapped those two ideas.  They weren’t junk, but they weren’t NaNoWriMo worthy.  I’ve come up with two new ones.  I’ll start off with the idea that I’m slightly more inclined to write.  This is a mixture of Historical Fiction and Fantasy.  Actually, let’s just stick with fantasy.  I’m in desperate need for names for this idea, so you’ll see a lot of unnamed character did this, or unnamed land is at war with unnamed land. 

René, an aristocratic young woman, writes pamphlets to encourage people about the war between unnamed land and unnamed land under the pen name of [insert pen name here].  The two lands are at war because the rulers hold different beliefs.  The ruler of unnamed land #1 believes that everyone’s essence should stay pure and those with unpure essence should be hanged, while the ruler of unnamed land #2 believes that the mixing of essences is an art that should not be restricted. 

René is of unpure essence (she is mostly death essence with a tinge of life from her mother’s grandmother), and she writes her war pamphlets encouraging young men to fight for their rights.  When she started writing, she never guessed how famous her pseudonym would become.  Now, she is the most famous war pamphlet writer in all of unnamed land.  When René witnesses the murder of the printer that prints her war pamphlets, she is taken away from her privileged life and into the underground community of people who want the war to end.  René has no way of getting her writing printed, and if her captors realize how important to the war this pretty young woman is, she would be put to death. 

So?  Did you like it?  It’s a bit confusing, but that cannot be helped.  If you have questions, feel free to ask me in the comments.  I will respond (hopefully).  I have something important to say to Kirsten about my next idea.  Kirsten, I did not get this idea from your dreamers idea.  Promise. 

Sydney has been able to lucid dream since she was a child with no problems.  During one of her dreams she visits her friend Hannah.  The next day, Hannah tells Sydney about her dream and Syd’s role in it.  Syd soon discovers that during her dreams she can visit other people’s dreams.  Random people start to show up in Sydney’s dreams.  One of said people tries to kill her in her dream.  No big deal, right?  Tha’s what Sydney thinks until she wakes up in the morning with a cut on her hand right where she had been cut in her dream. 

All of a sudden, Sydney is no longer sure of the strange people in her dreams.  To find out more about them, she attends one of their meetings (in her dream).  Syd finds out that they have plans to invade the earth– through people’s dreams.  The only things they fear are lucid dreamers.  Can Sydney train her friends to lucid dream?  Will her friends believe her, and if they do can they take down the strange race of dream people?  What will happen when Sydney starts to develop feelings for one of them? 

How about that idea?  I like that one a lot.  Sometimes I like it more than the other one.  I like it because I know how it will end, and YOU don’t.  Haha!  Tell me which idea you like better in the comments. 

Arrogance Demotivator

X’s and O’s,

Katie Lemontop


8 thoughts on “Updates and NaNoWriMo

  1. hey! I love the header but the font is kind of hard to read. I love the theme though and the background and everything. I love the dream idea for Nanowrimo add me as a friend on nanowrimo im sstods! 🙂
    im so excited for Nano this year, aren’t you?!

    • Thanks! I thought the font was a bit hard to understand as well, so maybe I’ll change that. I am excited for NaNoWriMo this year, but as you can see from the above post, I’m a little freaked out.

      I looked for your username on the Young Writer’s Program, but I didn’t find it. I also have a regular NaNoWriMo account, so no worries! I’l add you as my buddy on that website instead!

  2. I actually have a slight obsession with feeding your fish… I’m actually afraid I might over feed your fish and kill them. Sorry if I do but I find it amusing to watch the little thing follow my cursor, nosing around for food.

    And I am super excited for NaNoWriMo too! I actually liked the first one better because recently I watched Insidious which really sounds like your second idea and so it’s kind of cliche… To me but it might just be me. Also I can definitely see where the Historical Fiction part comes in the first novel and I really like that 🙂

    • You like feeding my fish? That’s good. It is addicting… (Stops writing to go feed fish… I’m serious.) It’s a good thing they’re virtual, otherwise they’d be very fat. And no one wants to feed fat fish (HA! Unintentional alliteration rules!).

      I’m glad that it’s not just me. You like the first one? Me too. I think that’s the one I’m going to write if I ever get around to finishing the outline. The only reason I might not do it is because it feels like it’s getting too personal. I feel like I’m living inside my main character too much, and that can ruin a novel. I’m really glad that you can see where the historical fiction fits in! You’re the best, Faith!

      Argh! I’m so confused on what to do! Wish me luck, I’m really going to need it.

      • Haha, does it do anything or you or them when I feed them?

        I say do the first one if you can get into your characters head so well, it’s the perfect kind of novel for NaNoWriMo. I’m writing one like that right now and I love, love, love it. It’s so easy to write and so fun to write. It does have the capabilities to ruin the novel but you just have to consider yourself the writer and not the character and keep the distance in your head all the time 🙂

      • I don’t think anything happens when you feed them, but I oculd be wrong….

        I guess you’re right. I could be a good thing, but I think it’s a bad thing. It’s not very personal “in your head” thing. It’s my thoughts going through her head, and that is not okay. Bad Katie!

  3. I love the lucid dreaming idea! I noticed that your last post is about lucid dreaming, so I’ll save my comments on that topic for that post. You said you know the ending and I don’t…Ha. From the sentence in your summary “What will happen if Sydney develops feelings for one of them?” I know what’s going to happen. And it’s a very cool direction you’re heading in, so please do that one.

    • Thanks! I like that one too, but I still haven’t decided because the other one has worked its way into my head.

      Uh, trust me, you have no idea what the ending will be. I can practically promise that if you guess you’ll get it wrong. This is slightly due to the lack of details you know, but mostly because I’m an evil genius. Emphasis on the evil.

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