So I got my Pottermore email… and… wow.  I can practically promise that I overreacted way more than you.  Did you scream?  Did you burst into maniacal laughter?  Did you cry?  I did all three.  I’m writing this as I’m on Pottermore, so you’re getting my first reaction.  Literally. 

I got to Ollivander’s wand shop before I decided to start writing a blog post.  I thought about it before, but I didn’t actually get around to it until now.  So far, my reaction is that it went so fast!  And I spent a lot of time of each scene.  And I mean a lot.  I think music and sound effects would enhance the experience, but I really was enjoying myself.  Until Diagon Alley.  Most people look forward to this moment, but I was dreading it.  Why?  Because once I get my wand and my pet, I can’t exactly return them.  First I’ll tell you about my wand.  It was Rowan and Dragon, 12 inches, and slightly springy.  It looks like this:

Oddly enough, it wouldn’t copy as one picture, so you get the slightly fractured version.  It’s pretty!  I was a bit surprised with my dragon core.  I was expecting more of a unicorn hair center, but I’m very pleased with my wand.  I can’t get you a picture of my cat, but it was the one that looked like a tabby cat but wasn’t.  I can’t remember the name of the cat (I’m such a loser). 
Now, I’m about to be sorted.  Please, wish me well being.  I’m so scared.  What if I’m… Actually, I really have no preference over what house I get in.  I’m avoiding the sorting hat by reading about all of the tidbits that I can.  Here I go, I’m about to be sorted.  Okay, that was shorter than I would have expected.  I’m honestly wondering how I got into the house that I did.  I got into Ravenclaw!  I’m super excited and happy to be in this house!  Go Ravenclaw! 
I’m going to go and continue my Pottermore adventure, so bye…

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