Inspiration Results in a Poem

Hi readers!  I woke up early today to play (if it can be called playing… it seems more sophisticated than that) Pottermore (Go Ravenclaw!  My username is HallowQuill57.  Friend me.), then I read about inspiration and how to find ideas, then I took a nap (I was tired because I got up early to go on Pottermore), then I applied what I’d learned about idea-catching.  The outcome was one poem about a bird.  Enjoy. 

Na, na, na-na-na
Running is pointless
I’ll always be faster than you
The bird sings

Taunting and insulting me
She glides through the trees
Faster and faster
Away from me

A flutter of color urges me on
A snippet of hope as plain as day
A glimmer of a smile
Shines on my mouth

The wind tugs at my sketchbook
Challenging me to tug-of-war
Wishing to steal my drawings
But I am strong; I hold on

I see the little bird
Perched upon a branch
With trickery in her eyes
She doesn’t try to hide

One step forward
She’s hidden by the leaves
Two steps forward
She’s left me in the trees

The last thing I hear
Is na, na, na-na-na
I have
Superior wings

Trudging through the woods
I’m on my way home
A sudden thought strikes me
I’m on my way home

Dashing through my house
I run out to the yard
And sure enough my bird is there
Pecking at the feed

I sketch my little bird
With all her colors brilliant
Blues and blacks and purples
Calling out to me

The last thing I say
Is na, na, na-na-na
I have
Superior brain. 

Yeah, I know.  It’s a really weird poem.  It sort of flows, but not really. Each paragraph has its own rhythm which makes transferring the next paragraph choppy.  All in all, I like it.  That means I will not change it, unless I made a huge spelling mistake or I decide later on that I hate it.  For now, it’s a masterpiece.  What do you think?  Tell me in the comments! 

X’s and O’s,

Katie Lemontop


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