More NaNoWriMo and a Link!

Hi readers!  I was going to post yesterday, but then I went to see The Lion King in 3D (Score!), and then I had to watch The Lion Kind 2 on VHS (It was a big change from the big screen), and then I had to sleep.  Excuses are my way of saying sorry.  To apologize completely, I will give you something I was saving for…  I don’t know.  I just saved them because I knew I’d want to use them some time.  They’re words of wisdom written by yours truly! 

Words Of Wisdom #1: Small blank pages are much less intimidating than large blank pages.  In the same way, a kitten is much less intimidating than a tiger. 

Words Of Wisdom #2: I do the things the way that I do them because I think that’s the way that they’re done. 

I think the most surprising thing about those words of wisdom is that they’re completely serious.  No jokes or witty humor thrown in (and believe me, I could have sprinkled humor on top) so that you can tell I’m completely sorry for not posting.  Am I forgiven?  Well, I’d better be because I’m not wasting any more words on apologies. 

Once again, I’m going to blog about NaNoWriMo.  This is not only to get some stuff off of my chest (I didn’t have time at school to dump it on my friends), but also because I know that some of you are slacking on planning for NaNoWriMo.  Tsk, tsk, that’s not going to get you anywhere in life, blah, blah, blah.  I’m pretty sure that Slacker is slacking on planning (because she’s Slacker and she’s just awesome that way), but I’m not worried about her.  By the time that NaNoWriMo comes along she’ll pull an undeniably sweet and bitter and sour and spicy plot out of a hat and write it.  I’m worried about you, fellow bloggers. 

I only know about Faith, for sure.  Faith isn’t planning yet.  Bad Faith, bad!  Actually, no, I’m sure Faith will be fine.  Some people can pull spectacular plots out of hats and think nothing of it, but I’m not that way.  Thankfully, I work well under pressure.  I’m just writing about NaNoWriMo as a friendly reminder to get off your butt and… well, onto your butt.  Only this time, plant your booty in front of an open Word document and get typing!  

I could end the post there, but no post of mine is complete without me moaning and groaning about my novel ideas!  Actually, this time they’ll be less groaning and more happiness.  I actually have an idea that I’m excited about.  It’s about a prince and a princess CLICHE ALERT!  CLICHE ALERT!  It’s about a prince and a princess, that means it must be a romance and it’s a cliché!  Um, actually, no.  They’re brother and sister, so that would be icky and it’s already been done (Sadly, I’m not kidding). 

Moving on, these two lovely characters are on the run because of some unknown group that wants to kill the prince.  So they’re running, and eventually along the way they befriend a group of outlaws.  I don’t really know what happens yet, but it would be sweet.  I planned the first sentence, and I love it.  Here it is:

When she crawled into the cupboard, she wished she was playing hide-and-seek. 

Lovely, right?  Now, for the last part of my post: the link of wonder!  This is a link to my cork board.  It has my NaNoWriMo planning on it.  I want you to read what I have written on my cork board, and then add your own sticky note telling me what you think!  If you happen to catch me on my cork board we can discuss my novels.  That would be wonderful. 

Link of Wonder:

X’s and O’s,

Katie Lemontop


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