The Productive Writer

How are you guys?  I’m good.  I hope you are to.  Today I finished Spilling Ink, and I started the Productive Writer.  So far, I love this book.  It’s not about how to write, it’s about how to write more, create a writing schedule, get organized, set goals (and reach them), and a whole bunch of other stuff.  I think this is a really cool idea, but I don’t know if I should write a lot about it.  If you want (or don’t want) to read about this kind of thing, please comment.  That’s the only way I know how you feel. 

I actually do the activities in the book, as opposed to Spilling Ink in which I did none of them.  The activity that I like the most so far (I’m on page 1o) is the Writer’s Pie one.  I’m making pie!  Actually, I’m just making a pie chart of my day, to show how much writing I’d ideally like to get in.  I’m making a different pie chart for each day of the week because I have activities some days.  I know, I actually have a life.  Instead of showing you sketchy drawings of circles with needs-improvement handwriting, I made you a pie chart on paint.  I cannot use paint, so I was surprised at how well this turned out. 

I did a pretty good job, no?  I gave everything appropriate colors.  Yes, I needed two separate writing times.  If you can’t read it, the green one says “1 hour of Reading”.  This pie chart is for my Monday.  I don’t do things on Mondays, so I have plenty of writing time.  I need that much sleep.  Without sleep I’m always stuck in a creative rut, and we all know how much that sucks. 

Another activity in The Productive Writer that I did was another one about my writing life.  It tells you to set high goals.  It wants you to write a few sentences about how you want to feel when you sit down to write, how much time you want to put towards writing, how you define success as a writer, what results you want to get from writing, and what kind of writing lifestyle you want to have.  This wasn’t as fun as making pie charts, but now I have written down what I want to achieve by writing, and that makes me feel good. 

If you’d like me to write more about this subject, don’t forget to comment!  I’m sure I’ll have many more things to say about this book by the next week, so even if you don’t want more posts like this, you’re probably going to get some more. 

X’s and O’s,

Katie Lemontop


4 thoughts on “The Productive Writer

  1. The one I’m the most interested in hearing about is the third book you mentioned in your last post—”No Plot? No Problem.” I have all the characters for my NaNoWriMo planned, but not the plot.

  2. Pie charts are awesome. That is an awesome pie chart. Those are actually really good tips, I’ll definitely use them soon. Meanwhile, congratulations! I nominated you on a blog award, have fun spreading the love 🙂

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