Hello, dear readers.  Last night, there was a lock-in at my church.  I guess that might sound really lame to you, but my church is super awesome.  My post is going to be telling you all about this wonderful lock-in.  Hm….  How to describe something that is too amazing for words? 

If I had to choose one word to describe the whole night, it would be crazy.  Yeah, it was definitely crazy.  We started up the night with a rules skit called rules from a chair.  Basically, they wanted to make rules less boring, so they made a skit out of it.  Our counselors walked up to the JHAMS director and asked him if they could do all of the off-limits things.  For example, “Can I spray-paint ‘Jesus Loves You’ on the wall?”.  Or, “Can I drink alcohol and smoke?”.  Then our director would tell them no, and they would get sad or yell at him.  It was all good fun. 

Then they explained that there would be pizza at midnight, and they told us about the clown noses.  Oh.  My.  Noodles.  There were three clown noses hidden throughout the church, and if we found one, we could bring it to our director and get a prize.  We’re not talking lame prizes, like a pencil or a bookmark.  No, if we found a nose, we got an energy drink.  I looked hard for those noses, but I didn’t find one.  Ah, well.  I just drank out of other people’s energy drinks. 

The first thing I did was look for the nose, but then I made play-dough.  I don’t know where my play-dough went, but it didn’t make it home with me.  Then I spilled my Cherry Coke on the ground, and I had to go on an adventure to find paper towels.  And then I played mini golf.  They had set up a mini golf course, and we played.  The winner got a whole jug of Arnold Palmer half-and-half.  Sadly, I didn’t win this either.  It just wasn’t my night for winning things, I suppose. 

We ate pizza at midnight.  It was delicious!  I’m really craving pizza now.  After pizza we played leader hide-and-seek.  The leaders hid, and we looked for them.  They had markers and they wrote a number on our arms (1-15).  That is why my arms are covered in numbers.  The best part of leader hide-and-seek is that all of the lights go off.  You’re constantly tripping, running into things (or people) and it’s just bucket loads of fun even if I didn’t win.  Oh, well. 

After that I painted a picture or two, and played some marshmallow wiffle ball. (Huge marshmallows, baseball bat, small room?  Yeah, somethings going to go wrong.)  Honestly, at this point I’m surprised that I remember anything at all.  Then I drank some coffee.  Kids weren’t supposed to have coffee, but I got some before the leaders were told that so they let it slide.  Coffee is icky.  This might be due to the lack of creamer that they had, but coffee is just disgusting.  I drank it, and then I was more awake, so I love coffee.  Even if it is gross. 

Then there was a carnival where I ate some popcorn, sang songs, danced, won a two liter of cream soda (that was practically the only thing that I won), and had crazy amounts of fun.  After that I watched Tangled (my favorite movie) drank some cold coffee to stay awake, babbled into a microphone, brushed someone’s hair, and just struggled to stay awake.  But I did it.  I stayed awake the whole night, and I’m really tired.  So bye. 

X’s and O’s,

Katie Lemontop


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