A Bit More Exciting Nonsense

You guys are insane.  I’m talking to everyone whose blog I am subscribed to.  You are insane.  I-N-S-A-N-E.  Why?  It took me an hour to check my email.  You heard right.  An hour.  I’m actually not exaggerating (surprisingly).  I timed it.  I started at six and ended at seven.  This is partly due to my procrastination on reading blog posts.  I forget for one day and then they just start piling up in my inbox and I get scared that it will take me a long time to read them all, so I pretend they’re not there.  It did take a long time.  When catching up on blogs (I’m subscribed to so many that I frequently fall behind) I go on my father’s desktop computer.  This way I can have many tabs open so that if I get overwhelmed I can abandon my project quickly.  Also, I can comment easily if you write something that moves me. 

The Writers gathered in the cafeteria.  The cafeteria, they thought, seemed like the most logical place for a group of rambunctious writers to meet up.  For you see, if they gathered in some place like a library, The World would get suspicious.  Libraries are quiet places, and if The Writers were there, they would break the silence.  A cafeteria was a noisy place.  The World wouldn’t look twice if they heard noise coming from the cafeteria.  Then again, it was the middle of the night on a weekend, but no one mentioned this fact.  That, or they conveniently left their common sense at home.  There were a few attempts to calm the caffeine crazed Fiction Writers by the Poets, but they were all unsuccessful.  Until at last the authors of the Encyclopedia combined forces and demanded attention.  The meeting had to begin, for it was The Writers against The World.

I wrote that on the spot.  Unedited.  It was inspired by a drawing I’ve started… well, drawing.  It’s entitled Writers vs. The World.  It’s pretty sweet.  I haven’t finished it, but let me describe how it looks so far.  On the side of The World I’ve separated it into cubicles.  In those cubicles are three rows with four people each in them and a supervisor sitting in the front.  They all have unhappy faces or indifferent faces.  Before you start praising me for being an amazing artist, you should probably know that these are all stick figures.  On The Writers side, there are no cubicles.  No, it’s one big mess.  One big, beautiful mess.  There are people reading, a whole section dedicated to writers drinking coffee, a writer holding a laptop in one hand, a stack of books in the other, and she’s typing furiously by using a pencil in her mouth.  There are people eating chocolate, people talking gibberish, and it’s all wonderful.  Really.  I cannot wait to share it with you. 

Sorry for another post filled with nonsense.  But it’s exiting nonsense.  YAY.  I have a title for this post now!

X’s and O’s,

Katie Lemontop


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