My dog is a smart dog.  Don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of smarter dogs, but my dog is pretty smart.  If we had gotten her as a puppy, we would have been able to teach her all sorts of neat tricks.  Alas, we did not.  Instead, we got her when she was two years old.  We did find out that she was a smart dog, though.  She can sit, lay down, shake, shake off the rain water, stay (well, we’re still working on that one), come, jump up, high-five, high ten, and heel.  It’s not really heeling if you don’t say heel, though, is it?  Basically, if we drop my dog’s leash, she’ll stop moving and wait for us to pick it up.  She’s a smart dog.

My dog is called Daisy, and she’s the cutest thing you’ll ever see.  And she can jump.  Oh yes, she can jump.  If we call her and she’s relaxing on the couch, she’ll jump over the back of the couch to get to you.  If you don’t think that’s spectacular, you try it.  And keep in mind that she doesn’t move like a snail.  If you can do that no sweat (on hands and knees), try this.  After I got my loft bed, we put my dog up there.  She wasn’t very comfortable until she was sitting on top with me, though.  Then, we had to get her off.  We tried to get her into my brother’s arms, but she wouldn’t go.  No, she just jumped off.  Not only that, but she jumped all the way out of my room.  We walked over to her with cries of “Daisy, are you alright?”.  She stared at us as if to say, “I’m fine.  Duh.  What, did you think I’d break my back?  You stupid humans.”

I think that my dog can still learn things, so I’ve put that to the test.  I’m teaching her to find.  Find what, exactly?  A treat that I’ve hidden under a plastic cup.  Like I said, my dog is smart.  She knew it was under the cup, but she wasn’t sure if I wanted her to get it or leave it there.  If she knew I wanted her to get it, there is also the not-so-simple matter of how she was supposed to get it out from under there.  With me shouting “find!” in her face every three seconds, she must have been quite overwhelmed.  She knocked it over the first time by accident.  I had started clapping twice every time I said find, and this time I wanted to try clapping by the side of the glass closest to her.  She thought this meant she was supposed to shake, so she tried it.  Her paw ended up on top of the glass, knocking it over.  She did this the next time and the next time too.  My dog is smart.


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