Snow Day!

Normally when I turn off my first alarm (of three), I immediately fall back asleep.  But, today I noticed something odd.  I had a text.  Because I rarely get texts at all unless I initiate the conversation, let alone at six thirty, I decided to postpone my sleep.  What I read made me jump out of bed and leap for joy.  The text (from Fur), said simply, “SNOW DAY.”  I was thrilled.  I can’t say that I wasn’t expecting this, though.  It was what everyone was talking about on Monday and Tuesday.  On Monday, it was mostly excited talk.  Everyone was thrilled about the foot of snow the weather people predicted.  Then Tuesday came, and the prediction dropped to three inches along with freezing rain.  I swear, the teachers were smiling smugly at us whenever we so much as sighed sadly.  Because I don’t drive, at the time I didn’t realize how much the freezing rain would affect the outcome.

You see, beloved reader, we never have snow days.  Even on Monday when we were all so excited about the foot of expected snow, we knew they chances of school being canceled was slim.  Because we never.  Have.  Snow days.  It doesn’t matter how cold it is, how much snow we get or that the tornado will be right on top of us, we always have school.  True, sometimes there’s weather bad enough to canceled school.  The day before it’s supposed to arrive, I sit down and watch the news (specifically, the little scrolling thing at the bottom that tells you which schools are canceled).  This is what I typically see.  School 1: CANCELED… School 2: DELAYED 3 hours… School 3: CANCELED…. My School: We’re not delayed at all!  Not canceled!  We’re even having all scheduled after school activities!  Can’t wait to see you tomorrow!  Confused, I check the screen.  This is what I see:


Isn’t it just terrible?  But yesterday, I grew just a little bit hopeful again.  On my way home from archery practice, my dad mentioned that the roades would be slippery tomorrow.  O.O  He was right.  The rain froze on the ground.  The ground became slippery.  I have no school.  What do I do with this time, you ask?  Well, I obsessively watch Ouran Highschool Host Club (It’s an anime.  If you hate anime’s, I think you need to give them more of a chance.  Sometimes the stories can be a bit lame, but they can have meanings.  Take Fruits Basket, for example.  I’ve never read a book with such a well-meaning and innocent main character!  Tohru is just so… CUTE!  I would recommend the manga over the anime, though.  If it’s the expressions and the way there are random arrows everywhere, then you are too narrow-minded.  It’s different, but it’s a new, thoughtful way of telling a story.  I even have to re-watch the episodes again to understand it all.  Okay, rant over.), baked cookies at ten AM, watched more Host Club, painted my nails, and blogged while listening to music!

For those of you who have snow days often (once every other year or more counts as often) and are all like, “Man, she’s annoying with all her rants and excitement,” you can go and cry in a corner.  This is my second EVER snow day.  The first one I hardly remember because I was an insanely (insanely, insanely) cute second grader.  That’s like a hundred years ago.  Just kidding, I’m not that old. 

Only an 8th grader,

Katie Lemontop


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