The Basic Rule for Memorizing a Poem

Rule 1: Have an amazing memory.  This way, you can choose any poem and have in memorized in under an hour.  If you happen to have an amazing memory, ignore all other rules except rule 5.  Always follow rule 5.

Rule 2: If you receive a list of poems from your teacher, choose the shortest one.  Most of your class will also probably choose this poem, so you won’t be original, but at least you won’t be that weird person that spends three minutes in front of the class with sweaty palms reciting the longest poem there was.  Always default to rule 2 UNLESS…

a. If you memorized one of the longer poems on the list for a different class or grade, do that one.  Even if you don’t remember a word of the poem, it is always easier to relearn it. 


b. If the length of the poem matters for your grade, choose the poem that will get you the grade that you desire.  Maybe it’s a bit longer than you wanted, but chances are there will be someone in the class that also will be reciting that poem because they also want to get a good grade.

Rule 3: Make sure at least one of your friends chooses the same poem as you.  This way, you can help each other.  Plus, if someone else is reciting the poem obsessively near you, it’s more likely that you’ll remember it.  I have proven this rule with my friend Arianna.

Rule 4: Because you don’t have a spectacular memory, you should probably practice in every spare moment to make sure you know it.  Also, even if you think you have it memorized, you should always check the poem to make sure you are saying it correctly.  You wouldn’t want to go up in front of the class and mix up lines 2 and 3. 

Rule 5: Do not under any circumstances choose the easiest poem that you have already memorized and then don’t practice it or any other poems but then the day before you have to recite it in front of the class you choose a harder poem and begin memorizing it because even if you have an insane memory you won’t have it memorized and you’ll have to rely and hope and pray that there will be a snow day the day of the recitation and even though there was one you still could have ruined your whole grade and just because you got a 30/30 doesn’t mean you’ll get that next time.

I didn’t follow rule 5.


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