A Conversation With Me, Myself, and I

Me: I’m here, guys!  I’m here.  What?  No one’s here yet?  And I was worried about being late.  Harrumph. 

Myself: I apologize for arriving late.  What did I miss?

Me: Nothing.  I’ve, uh, been waiting for a while.

Myself: … You were late, too, weren’t you? 

Me: Yeah. 

Myself: Well, that just leaves–

I: It’s okay, guys.  I’m here. 

Me and Myself: I, where have you–

I: I said it’s okay.  I brought cookies. 

Me: 0.0

Myself: 0.0

I: All is forgiven?

Me: Let’s see those cookies before we go making any assumptions. 

Myself: I agree with Me.  Show me the cookies. 

I: Gosh, guys, there right here.  Calm down. 


Me: I suppose it’s time to start the meeting. 

I: Yes.  It is.  What was it about, again? 

Myself: The new annoying neighbors who monopolize Katie’s time leaving her no time for writing.  Or, anything else, for that matter. 

Me: I have a solution!  Be mean to them so they’ll go away. 

I: … You do know this is Katie we’re talking about, right? 

Me: Well, duh. 

I: You do know Katie is the nicest human to ever live, right. 

Me: Oh, yeah. 

Myself: May I cut in?  Perhaps Katie could just play with them.  They’re only here every-other week, anyways. 

Me: I thought of that, but they want to playplayplay from dawn ’til dusk.  They literally invited her over to BREAKFAST today!

I: Did she go?

Me: Nicest person to ever live, remember?  Of course she went.  She only escaped their evil clutches long enough to blog because of an orthodonist appointment. 

Myself: Poor kid.  I remember braces.  Rough times. 

I: Katie could create a list of excuses and use a different one every time they asked her to play. 

Myself: I’m afraid not.  If she tells them “no,” they’ll be back fifteen minutes later to ask again. 

Me: So, there is no solution?

I: I guess not. 

Me: But, we have to come up with a solution!  It’s for Katie, guys!

I: Or, we could go make cookies.

Me: 0.0

Myself: 0.0

Me, Myself, and I: Let’s go! 


Me, Myself, and I


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