High School: The Homework Load

Okay, so high school has been a lot more work than I thought it would be.  I wasn’t under the impression that it would be easier than middle school (nothing is easier than middle school), but I didn’t think it would be as much work as it is.

Most of my classes are a piece of cake (with the exception of ib prep physics, which is more than memorizing facts), but some have a lot of homework.  Physics has a little every night, but this is only a few problems.  I rarely have anything from French, but all in due time.  It’s this class called Honors Government that’s killing me.

I don’t think my Government teacher understands that some people have lives (I don’t, but some people do).  She’s okay when it comes to book work, but it’s still a lot.  She gives us two days to read and take notes on a chapter.  If she gives us an outline, it’s easy.  If she doesn’t, I get hand cramps.  And I’m used to writing a lot.

We had this project (projects are generally my fault because I wait until the last minute).  We had to read a dystopian novel and fill out a packet on it.  I read The Host by Stephanie Myers for the fourth time.  Easy.  I filled out the packet the day before I thought it was due (yesterday).  Turns out, it’s due tomorrow.  Oh, well.  Then she gives us an outline (DIE OUTLINE, DIE!  DEATH TO ALL OUTLINES!) to fill out for tomorrow.  It took a while because The Host doesn’t really have a cookie-cutter government like she wants it to.  I ignored her suggestions of stretching the term “oligarchy” and just said there was no government.   This made things more difficult for me, but I’ll survive.

Thankfully, the actual essay isn’t due until Monday, October 1st (squeal for NaNoWriMo planning month!), otherwise I would be tired(er) tomorrow.

Have I ever told you that I suck at introductions?  I do.  But I am beast at conclusions.  My introduction is choppy and the thesis is acceptable, but the conclusion is a slap-in-the-face-I-never-thought-about-it-that-way ending.  I summarize points like a pro and add in my own mind-blowing observations.  And that’s the last thing they read, so I guess it’s a good plan.


Katie Lemontop

PS: Did you miss me, too?


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