My Dilemma: We Still Have Air

Okay, so air is a good thing, right?  Wrong.  Air is despicable because it’s still here.  Air has over stayed its welcome.  The problem is, there are all kinds of things that are keeping air around, such as trees and algae.  This makes getting rid of air a lot harder than I originally thought it was. 

Let me get you up to speed.  I like air, and I want it to stick around for a few more centuries.  My NaNoWriMo idea, on the other hand, does not like air.  The story is based on the whole idea that there isn’t enough air to go around.  I thought it would be a piece of cake to get rid of air.  Just do a few Goole searches, and POOF: wonderful idea to get rid of air.  Unfortunately, this planet we live on wants to keep air around, and it won’t provide me with a probable reason for air to just leave. 

Help me.

I have other NaNoWriMo ideas (retelling of Snow White as a dystopia, suicide mystery thing where she says she’s going to kill herself on insertdatehere but kills herself a day later, another dystopia, this wedding thing, AND I’M MISSING ONE), but I want to write this one.  It originated from a dream I had where, well, the earth ran out of oxygen.  I was on earth, and I died.  Not a violent death that might prompt waking up, but something almost peaceful: insufficient oxygen.  The dream was cool (gosh, that sounds morbid), and I tweaked it enough to make it a story idea.  So. 

Help me.

Help me figure out a way to make this work!  Got an idea?  TELL ME.

Katie Lemontop

ps: I really want this idea to work.  Really.  Thankyou.


6 thoughts on “My Dilemma: We Still Have Air

  1. You could somehow make the atmosphere thinner. I’m not a meteorologist, so I’m not sure how that can be accomplished.

    I doubt you’ll be able to get the plants to stop making oxygen unless you were to somehow epee them out, which is extremely difficult.

    So the atmosphere is my best pitch.

  2. Here’s a plan: Instead of O2 leaving the earth, how about more CO2 being produced, leading to a reduction of O2 production? CO2 emissions create that dream-like state when killing someone. That’s why you shouldn’t leave your car on in an enclosed space. You drift off to the other world. Like ember32 wrote, one possible way is to eradicate the trees but that’s not the only way we are getting O2. You can also capitalize on the subject of oxygen toxicity but I doubt this is associated with the gentle dream-death scenario you are going for. It’s more of a sporadic seizure kind of death. Going this route will almost ensure your story is sci-fi. This will require loads of hours of research.

    You can also go the fantasy route and place a curse on the earth. This can require just as much research but you have more control over the rules of physics.

    Or (yes, there is another option) the story can take place on an alternate Earth where the air is running out. This Alt. Earth can be split into two “poles”: one where there is too much O2 and one where there is not enough.

    It’s your call but remember: You have to stick by the rules you make. You can’t break them just because.

    Best of luck,

    • I should be sleeping right now, but screw it. I am excited by this. I love all of your suggestions, but I particularly love the increase in CO2 because it works so well. I’m not to hot on the fantasy route (it feels like cheating), and I don’t mind doing research at all. I actually kind of dig doing research.

      This story is probably going to end up futuristic and science fiction-y, which is fine with me. I really want to write a science fiction story.

      Thanks so much for all the ideas!

  3. Or (sorry! I swear this is the last one) You can have a world where the army/government/rogue militia takes away air from citizens. This keep the populace under their control. If you “behave” you are allotted air supply for an amount of time (daily, weekly, monthly; you decide). Before your current supply of air runs out, you are “reviewed” and “graded.” If you pass, you get air. If you fail, well…Au Revoir!

    My creative juices are flowing. I have so many good ideas floating around in my head. Want to work on the story together? Let me know. Send me an email, a tweet, a comment on figment (my name is Florentine Lily) or my blog.

    Best of luck,

    • Ooh! This idea is really cool, too (although less of what I was initially going for). It’s definitely dystopian and I like it.

      I like is SO MUCH, though! Sorry, I guess you didn’t catch that inner argument. Here’s a recap:

      I: I don’t like it. It is nothing like our idea before.
      Me: Things change, get over it. Myself likes this idea better, too. Don’t you?
      Myself: Let’s think rationally, here. We have never liked any dystopian genre stories that we have plotted out–
      Me: See?!
      Myself: BUT this one has potential. And an offer for help.
      I: Oh, no. Does this mean asking for help?
      Myself: Yes.
      I: I don’t know if I can.
      Me:Well, I can.

      I like it SO MUCH, though!

      There. You’re caught up. I shall be emailing you shortly.

      I: But–
      Me: Not. One. Word.

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