…I would say ’nuff said, but that would imply that you clicked on the links.

Interlochen Arts Academy High School.  A boarding high school.   That focuses on art,  music, acting, dancing, and, yes, writing.

Interlochen Summer Arts Camp.  A three-week long camp that focuses on the same things.

I don’t know about you, but I kind of want in.  If you don’t, you are insane, or you do not understand.  Let me put it this way, if you could live or spend near a month in writing heaven/paradise/utopia, would you.  Of-freaking-course you would.  And so would I.

Unfortunately, writing paradise has a cost.  And I mean that literally.  It costs… a lot of money.  Four digits for the camp.  Five for the boarding high school.  (Yes, I have done my research.  I’ve probably spent days overall on that website daydreaming.)  Three digits of money is about all I can really comprehend,  but I know that this is a lot.

Don’t get me wrong, I can talk to my parents about things.  But when those things involve asking for large quantities of money so I can leave them for a year to writeandwriteandwrite, I might have a problem.

I actually literally just (like, two seconds ago) spoke to my mom about it because I had requested information and got it via mail.  Yeah… it didn’t involve asking on either sides.

Here is a partial transcript:

MOM: *enters room* So, what did you get in the mail?

ME: Oh, it’s just this writing thing.

MOM: What kind of writing thing?

ME: It’s this thing for this arts boarding high school, but I don’t want to go.  Well, actually I do want to go, but…  Anyway, I just thought that it was cool, so I requested information.

MOM: Okay.  *leaves room*

My heart is beating a hole in my chest, and I kind of feel like crying.  Actually, I’ve felt like crying all day, so don’t read too much into that.  I’m going to go before I confuse you further.

X’s and O’s,

Katie Lemontop

P.S. You know, maybe I could talk to my parents about the summer camp?  Maybe?  No?  Okay.


4 thoughts on “Interlochen

  1. Sounds like heaven!
    But the digits turn me away, too. Sadly, writing won’t be my professional profession, so investment wouldn’t be an investment.
    But I think there’s some other sort of thing you could find? Like a camp that lets people in for less and you still get to write? :/

    • It does sound like heaven, doesn’t it? It’s too bad it costs so much to attend.
      As for finding something else, there is a center of sorts not too far from my house that is dedicated to everything writing, and they have some SWEET classes. I’ve been to one conference and it was amazing. I’m probably going to go to a class soon.
      It’s nice, but it’s not the same.

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