My Writing Process

When left to my own devices (meaning, NOT NaNoWriMo), my writing process is a little weird.  

Yesterday I dug out a partial rewrite that I did during Camp NaNoWriMo of last year.  I remember stopping half way through because I felt that if I wrote another word I was going to vomit.  (I actually suffered through quite a few days of feeling like this, but I did eventually give up.)  I reread it and by the time I was done (10:30 PM) I was asking, where is the rest?

Oh, yeah.  It’s in my head (well, also the previous manuscript, but that WAS vomit worthy).

Upon realizing this I began writing it again, picking up where I left off as easily as if I hadn’t stopped writing.  This is when I realize that my writing process is a bit weird.  Here is an average five minutes of “writing” time:

Type, type.  Type.
Laugh at funny dialogue.  Type that up.
Stop in the middle of a sentence because I just realized that I could have an email.
Refresh email.  I have no emails.
Refresh Twitter.  Read thirty new tweets from authors, editors, publishing houses, and agents.
Become inspired to write again.
Fix a snack, instead.
Refresh email.  I have no emails.
Type, type.  Type.  Type-ity type type.
Refresh email.  Yay, I have an e– Oh.  Wait, it’s just spam.
Refresh email again.
Refresh Twitter.  Read some tweets.

I have added three-thousand words to my novel, making it total 21,000.  One thing that had really surprised me is how I can turn a one-and-a-half page chapter into six pages of the same content without trying.  Boy, did I really not know how to write a transition? (Oh, wait.  I was eleven.) What about description?  Showing not telling? (Yeah, you probably should have known about that.) Did I really make that grammar mistake all that time ago? (Shut up, you make that grammar mistake now.)

AHEM.  Anyways, I’m just super excited to be working on Battle Camp: the Rebellion again.  YIPPEE!  This was my first large project, and it’s my favorite.  It feel so liberating to be writing again!

Except now I have that vomit feeling again.

:/ Guess I’ll take a break.

X’s and O’s,

Katie Lemontop


5 thoughts on “My Writing Process

  1. Ah, that feeling when you get back to writing awesome words again!
    I’m excited for you. I’m sort of in vomit stage–at least for my own novels.
    My sister and I both write, so I came up with this brilliant idea to swap our novels and add on to each others as a sort of fun writing exercise. Oddly enough, I can’t write my own, but I came up with an entire plot for the rest of hers. What’s worse, is that I wrote the dialogue, action scenes, and descriptions way better in hers. :/
    The life of writing. . .

    Ah, I just wrote a ton in your comments!
    But I did rather enjoy reading through your writing process. It made me laugh. 🙂

    • I hope you make it through the vomit stage! I find that I work best when I have multiple novels to work on. When I reach the vomit stage on one, I move on to another. It also helps me a lot to write a novel (or just a story) for fun. Nothing that I feel pressure to work on, but I do it anyway because it’s fun.

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