Reading: The Great Gatsby

I’m just over 100 pages into The Great Gatsby, and I’m absolutely loving it.  It has been less than a week since I began it.  I can’t pinpoint any one thing about it that draws me in, but I do know that it’s on the verge of becoming an obsession. 

I’d heard plenty about it before beginning my independent reading, but never anything about the content, really.  That’s why I generally shy away from classics.  I want to read a book for pleasure– not for intellectual stimulation (or something).  Also, they don’t give you a summary on the back.  That bugs me.  On the back of The Great Gatsby, it tells me how wonderful the book is, how masterfully written it is, and there is a rather long bio for the author.  But nowhere is there a summary.  How am I to know if I’d like to read it if there’s no summary?

Anyways, I did eventually cave… because of the movie.  The trailer for the movie is just.  So.  Freaking.  Awesome.  I had to see the movie, and therefore I had to read the book.  I’m glad that I have my priorities straight because it has been an absolute joy so far. 

Don’t tell me anything about the book, but I’m sensing a looming tragedy.  Aah!  I just want to read it. 

Warning: I love the book, but if I was forced to read it for school, I would absolutely hate it.  I cannot enjoy literature if I did not choose to read it.  If you are being forced to read it, there is plenty about the book to nitpick and hate on. 

Another warning: You have got to pay attention in this book!  If you just skim it, you’ll think that nothing is going on.  It does have a bit of a slow start, but it’s less than 200 pages!  If you give up on that… *shakes head*

Until next time,


X’s and O’s,
Katie Lemontop


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