I Own a Laptop

After days and days and days of fighting, TPIM has allowed me to regain control of my blog.  So, if you’ll just ignore TPIM’s posts, that would be great.

Can you believe it?  Because I certainly can’t.  I am typing on my very own laptop.  It’s sitting right in front of me.  I’m touching it, but I cannot believe it.


Okay, I’m over it.  I own a laptop, and now I am unstoppable!

Just thought I’d let you know.

Portable X’s and O’s,

Katie Lemontop


Summer Schedule

Now, I know what you’re thinking, and that is, “What on earth and above are you talking about, Katie.  The beauty of summer is that it has no schedule!”
Well, watch these infomercials, and then tell me that. 

“Are you bored right now? 
Do you find yourself wanting to go back to school? 
Did you find this blog after hours of searching for random things on the internet? 

If you answered yes to any or all of these questions, you may be in need of a Summer Schedule! 

The Summer Schedule kit is the low, low price of free!  All you need is:

  • two pens of different colors
  • one pencil
  • paper

These supplies are so simple, everyone has them!  So, what are you waiting for?  Gather your materials now, and learn how the Summer Schedule works!”

“If you consistently have too much time on your hands, the Summer Schedule may be right for you.  It employs Time Management and Logical Thinking to help bring an end to Summer Boredom.  If you know someone suffering from Summer Boredom, visit https://ktlemonhead.wordpress.com to find out how you can help with the Summer Schedule.  Some side-effects of the Summer Schedule are: more fun, better planning skills, a regulated sleep cycle, and being prepared for tomorrow.  Talk to yourself about the risks to see if the Summer Schedule is right for you.”

“The Summer Schedule?  It’s so easy.  Just take a piece of paper and two different colored pens, one pencil, and a sheet of notebook paper and get started.  Start by writing tomorrow’s day of the week across the top of the page.  Then, choose a time to wake up.  A good time is 9AM.  On that piece of paper, under the day of the week, write: 9AM- wake up.  Keep on writing (in pencil) all of the things you want to do and have to do tomorrow.  Then, underline everything you have to do in one color, and everything you want to do in the other. (Have to do=wake up, take a shower, eat, clean the bathroom, etc., want to do=bake cookies, paint, listen to music, play on computer, etc.)  Once you’ve burned through all of the ideas you can think of, you’ll probably have a pocket of time left over.  That is your ‘cushion’.  If you take longer than you expected to do something, or you had to add something to your Summer Schedule, you can have time to do it because of your cushion.  See?  Creating your very own Summer Schedule is quick and simple.  Create yours today!”

So, there.  Summer schedules are awesome.

Modern Teaser and Cover

Modern is my newest novel.  I haven’t written a lot yet (three chapters), but I think it’s a really cool idea that I want to share with you guys.  Before I post a chapter (or half a chapter, probably), I want to know what you think of it based off of the cover and the teaser I’ve typed up.  Please let me know what you think in the poll and comments! 


“What happens in the modern world when you throw a bit of fairytale into it?  A girl and a boy fall in love and live happily ever after.  But what happens in a fairytale world if you throw modern technology into it?  Well that’s exactly what has happened to this world of fantasy!  Now Prince Evan doesn’t just have to “save” Princess Jessica (who lives alone in a tower) from a dragon, but he has to do it with the pressure of being a teen celebrity!  And if that wasn’t enough, he has to marry her! ”

This story is told through talk show interviews with Jessica and Evan.  It’s the first story I’ve written like this. 



Thanks for your opinions,

Katie Lemontop

A Conversation With Me, Myself, and I

Me: I’m here, guys!  I’m here.  What?  No one’s here yet?  And I was worried about being late.  Harrumph. 

Myself: I apologize for arriving late.  What did I miss?

Me: Nothing.  I’ve, uh, been waiting for a while.

Myself: … You were late, too, weren’t you? 

Me: Yeah. 

Myself: Well, that just leaves–

I: It’s okay, guys.  I’m here. 

Me and Myself: I, where have you–

I: I said it’s okay.  I brought cookies. 

Me: 0.0

Myself: 0.0

I: All is forgiven?

Me: Let’s see those cookies before we go making any assumptions. 

Myself: I agree with Me.  Show me the cookies. 

I: Gosh, guys, there right here.  Calm down. 


Me: I suppose it’s time to start the meeting. 

I: Yes.  It is.  What was it about, again? 

Myself: The new annoying neighbors who monopolize Katie’s time leaving her no time for writing.  Or, anything else, for that matter. 

Me: I have a solution!  Be mean to them so they’ll go away. 

I: … You do know this is Katie we’re talking about, right? 

Me: Well, duh. 

I: You do know Katie is the nicest human to ever live, right. 

Me: Oh, yeah. 

Myself: May I cut in?  Perhaps Katie could just play with them.  They’re only here every-other week, anyways. 

Me: I thought of that, but they want to playplayplay from dawn ’til dusk.  They literally invited her over to BREAKFAST today!

I: Did she go?

Me: Nicest person to ever live, remember?  Of course she went.  She only escaped their evil clutches long enough to blog because of an orthodonist appointment. 

Myself: Poor kid.  I remember braces.  Rough times. 

I: Katie could create a list of excuses and use a different one every time they asked her to play. 

Myself: I’m afraid not.  If she tells them “no,” they’ll be back fifteen minutes later to ask again. 

Me: So, there is no solution?

I: I guess not. 

Me: But, we have to come up with a solution!  It’s for Katie, guys!

I: Or, we could go make cookies.

Me: 0.0

Myself: 0.0

Me, Myself, and I: Let’s go! 


Me, Myself, and I

Summer Things

Summer Things
A list of solitary things to do this summer

  • Bake cookies
  • Clean your room
  • Take a walk
  • Make paper flowers
  • Draw
  • Write
  • Blog
  • Paint
  • Listen to music
  • Play Monopoly with yourself
  • A puzzle
  • Play with your hair
  • Paint your nails
  • Look at cool pictures
  • Plan a novel
  • Write a novel
  • Start a Journal

Comment with your own additions.

Practicing Freeverse

Free verse is probably the easiest form of poetry.  You can write lines of any length about anything and they don’t have to have rhyme or rhythm.  And yet, I struggle.  I do much better when things do need to have rhyme and rhythm.  Over my spring break I forced myself to write free verse poetry.  If I didn’t like the poem (which was more often than not) I would copy it down on a post-it note and stick it to my wall.  There, it will sit until I decide to do something with it.  The sad thing is, I will probably not do anything with them.  You see, when I write poetry I write and edit it line by line.  When I’ve written the last line, it is finished.  It is done.  I don’t spend any more time on it. 

One day during my spring break, I needed to use the bathroom.  Unfortunately, there was someone in the bathroom.  I did what any normal… who am I fooling?  I did what only I would do and locked myself in my room for an hour and a half and I listened to music and wrote free verse poetry.  When I finally emerged from my room with a desperate need of the toilet, I had finished three poems.  One of them ended up being sticky note poetry, but the other two are quite nice.  I’ll share them with you if you ask me to, but otherwise I won’t.  Instead, I’ll share with you an excercise I made up that helped my write one of these poems. 

First, choose a letter.  Make sure it’s fairly common.  I chose E.  Using pencil, write this letter at the top of your paper.  Underneath, write as many words as you can think of that start with that letter.  When you’re done, cross off or erase any words that you don’t think you’d end up using.  I crossed off Easter.  Then, form a sentence for each word.  The sentence doesn’t have to start with the word; it can be anywhere.  Once you’ve done that, tinker with the sentences until they are all about the same topic.  Arrange the sentences so they make sense.  Add a few lines if you need to.  Voila!  You have a poem.  If this didn’t work for you, I’m sorry.  It worked for me. 

Write some poetry.

A Guide to Getting Up

Because spring break has recently ended for me, I had a hard time getting up this morning.  I’d bet my button collection that you’ve struggled with this problem in the past.  Lucky for you, I’m an expert at waking up when all you want to do is rest.  Lucky for me, my button collection is small. 

Step One: The Night Before

The night before you have to wake up early, in my case, the final day of spring break, set alarms.  (As we all know, the plural of alarm is alarms and the past tense of alarm is alarmed.  Therefore, we can infer that this object called an alarm is supposed to alarm you awake.  Yep.)  If the alarms where you have to get out of bed to make the annoying beeping stop work for you, set an alarm clock across the room from your bed.  They don’t work for me because I’d rather listen to beeping than get out of bed.  At the very least, set three alarm clocks on your phone.  Make sure they are at least five minutes apart and at most ten. 

Step Two: Morning

After the first alarm clock, you will probably shut it off and try to fall back asleep.  When you’re almost asleep, the second alarm will go off.  You’ll probably try and sleep again.  Then the third one goes off.  As soon as the third alarm clock goes off, DO SOMETHING!  What I do is open my drapes to see the fragile rays of dawn creeping up the horizon.  Sorry, I got all poetic on you for a moment.  Sit up, listen to upbeat music, attempt to read.  Just don’t fall back asleep.  This is the point where I want to scream “SOMEONE KILL ME!”  You’ll just want to sleep.  It’s all you can think about.  You’re body commands you to lay back down.  But is your body’s will to sleep stronger than your mind’s will to stay awake?  Probably.  Are you going to let that stop you?  Most likely.  In the end, your body will give in because you have a very strong brain muscle and your brain and your body wrestled for a while making you even more tired.    But then you will give up. 

Step Three: Out of Bed

If you haven’t yet, I would strongly suggest listening to some loud obnoxious music.  This helps keep me awake, and it might even give you some energy.  Get dressed in whatever the heck you want because right now you don’t give a crap if your bag matches your belt matches your shoes.  Then, eat something sugary for breakfast.  Slurp a soda if you’re allowed to drink pop in the mornings.  Then, gather all your school things and sloppily do any homework you forgot to do over the break. 

If you follow these steps, I can promise you that you’ll get out the door on time.  I’d bet my button collection on it.

Yours truly and sincerely,

Katie Lemontop

The Basic Rule for Memorizing a Poem

Rule 1: Have an amazing memory.  This way, you can choose any poem and have in memorized in under an hour.  If you happen to have an amazing memory, ignore all other rules except rule 5.  Always follow rule 5.

Rule 2: If you receive a list of poems from your teacher, choose the shortest one.  Most of your class will also probably choose this poem, so you won’t be original, but at least you won’t be that weird person that spends three minutes in front of the class with sweaty palms reciting the longest poem there was.  Always default to rule 2 UNLESS…

a. If you memorized one of the longer poems on the list for a different class or grade, do that one.  Even if you don’t remember a word of the poem, it is always easier to relearn it. 


b. If the length of the poem matters for your grade, choose the poem that will get you the grade that you desire.  Maybe it’s a bit longer than you wanted, but chances are there will be someone in the class that also will be reciting that poem because they also want to get a good grade.

Rule 3: Make sure at least one of your friends chooses the same poem as you.  This way, you can help each other.  Plus, if someone else is reciting the poem obsessively near you, it’s more likely that you’ll remember it.  I have proven this rule with my friend Arianna.

Rule 4: Because you don’t have a spectacular memory, you should probably practice in every spare moment to make sure you know it.  Also, even if you think you have it memorized, you should always check the poem to make sure you are saying it correctly.  You wouldn’t want to go up in front of the class and mix up lines 2 and 3. 

Rule 5: Do not under any circumstances choose the easiest poem that you have already memorized and then don’t practice it or any other poems but then the day before you have to recite it in front of the class you choose a harder poem and begin memorizing it because even if you have an insane memory you won’t have it memorized and you’ll have to rely and hope and pray that there will be a snow day the day of the recitation and even though there was one you still could have ruined your whole grade and just because you got a 30/30 doesn’t mean you’ll get that next time.

I didn’t follow rule 5.

Snow Day!

Normally when I turn off my first alarm (of three), I immediately fall back asleep.  But, today I noticed something odd.  I had a text.  Because I rarely get texts at all unless I initiate the conversation, let alone at six thirty, I decided to postpone my sleep.  What I read made me jump out of bed and leap for joy.  The text (from Fur), said simply, “SNOW DAY.”  I was thrilled.  I can’t say that I wasn’t expecting this, though.  It was what everyone was talking about on Monday and Tuesday.  On Monday, it was mostly excited talk.  Everyone was thrilled about the foot of snow the weather people predicted.  Then Tuesday came, and the prediction dropped to three inches along with freezing rain.  I swear, the teachers were smiling smugly at us whenever we so much as sighed sadly.  Because I don’t drive, at the time I didn’t realize how much the freezing rain would affect the outcome.

You see, beloved reader, we never have snow days.  Even on Monday when we were all so excited about the foot of expected snow, we knew they chances of school being canceled was slim.  Because we never.  Have.  Snow days.  It doesn’t matter how cold it is, how much snow we get or that the tornado will be right on top of us, we always have school.  True, sometimes there’s weather bad enough to canceled school.  The day before it’s supposed to arrive, I sit down and watch the news (specifically, the little scrolling thing at the bottom that tells you which schools are canceled).  This is what I typically see.  School 1: CANCELED… School 2: DELAYED 3 hours… School 3: CANCELED…. My School: We’re not delayed at all!  Not canceled!  We’re even having all scheduled after school activities!  Can’t wait to see you tomorrow!  Confused, I check the screen.  This is what I see:


Isn’t it just terrible?  But yesterday, I grew just a little bit hopeful again.  On my way home from archery practice, my dad mentioned that the roades would be slippery tomorrow.  O.O  He was right.  The rain froze on the ground.  The ground became slippery.  I have no school.  What do I do with this time, you ask?  Well, I obsessively watch Ouran Highschool Host Club (It’s an anime.  If you hate anime’s, I think you need to give them more of a chance.  Sometimes the stories can be a bit lame, but they can have meanings.  Take Fruits Basket, for example.  I’ve never read a book with such a well-meaning and innocent main character!  Tohru is just so… CUTE!  I would recommend the manga over the anime, though.  If it’s the expressions and the way there are random arrows everywhere, then you are too narrow-minded.  It’s different, but it’s a new, thoughtful way of telling a story.  I even have to re-watch the episodes again to understand it all.  Okay, rant over.), baked cookies at ten AM, watched more Host Club, painted my nails, and blogged while listening to music!

For those of you who have snow days often (once every other year or more counts as often) and are all like, “Man, she’s annoying with all her rants and excitement,” you can go and cry in a corner.  This is my second EVER snow day.  The first one I hardly remember because I was an insanely (insanely, insanely) cute second grader.  That’s like a hundred years ago.  Just kidding, I’m not that old. 

Only an 8th grader,

Katie Lemontop

Bored… and Stuff

Today, I was bored.  I have way too much time on my hands.  Just ask the drawing I drew of Howl, or the email inbox that I’ve almost cleaned out.  Then, one of the many little voices in the back of my head said, “Remember that thing you used to do called blogging?  Yeah, you should do that again.”  So, here I am.  Because I don’t know what to write about, I’ll just keep writing nonsense until– Howl.  I shall write about him. 

First of all, I must thank Fur who introduced me to Howl (and his moving castle).  From the time she told me about Howl’s Moving Castle (Five days ago?) to now, I have watched the movie and read the book.  I recommend you do the same.  Before you go off to a library, hold on for two hours to watch the movie.  This is one of the rare times that I would recommend you watch the movie before you read the book.  Otherwise, you’ll be desperately confused and angered.  I feel like the only way you can appreciate both the novel and the movie is by watching the movie first.  Fall in love with Howl by watching the movie, and then read the book and fall in love with him even more.  Then watch the movie again.  Just trust me.

The problem with blogging when you have too much time on your hands is that nothing much interesting has happened to you.  The most interesting things are yet to happen.  Ah, yes.  Speaking of things that are yet to happen, why don’t we discuss the 8th grade formal.  I want to go.  Mainly because I want to wear a pretty dress sooooo bad, but also because it’s the only time I’ll be able to go to the 8th grade formal.  I kind of love dresses.  Deep inside of me there is a little girl who wants to be a princess wearing floor-length gowns with just enough poof.  Sigh.  Unfortunately, this is not the prom.  I’ll have to stick with an under $50 dress and shoes combo.  Poor me.

I think of each post as a five paragraph essay which is odd because I hate writing five paragraph essays.  But I do.  I need an introduction.  Then three body paragraphs, but they don’t need to be on the same topic.  They don’t even need to be remotely similar.  Then the conclusion which can be replaced with another body paragraph.  Also, blogging is a lot more fun than writing a five paragraph essay.  I especially hate personal essays where you have to write about something that “changed your life” or “meant something to you”.  I’m in 8th grade, people.  Most of these things are yet to happen, and when they do, I hardly suspect I’ll be able to condense it into five paragraphs.  Cue novel writing.

What?  You want to hear about my novels?  Quick summary:

Sparks- I hate it.  It’s not so bad, I guess.  I just dislike it extremely.  I’m proud I finished it though.

A Game of Secrets- Meh.  Left it unfinished.

Modern- I write a few paragraphs when I think about it.  I’m a bit afraid of writing it because I actually like it.

Au revoir!

Kt Lemontop