21 Ways To…

21 ways to… … … … … By now you’re probably thinking, “Twenty-one ways to what?”  The answer to that question is resting on your shoulders, dear reader.  I bet you’re still confuzzled.  Alright, I’ll explain.  One day I was living my life, minding my own buisness, when this idea hit me out of nowhere.  […]

I’m back!

It’s true!  I made it back!  I survived the fourteen hour bus rides!  I MADE IT!  I know you are all anxious (not really) to read about how my trip went, so I’ll tell you.  The first fourteen hour bus ride wasn’t too terrible.  We made it to school at 6AM which isn’t bad considering […]


I’m leaving.  Not my blog.  I’m going to Louisville, Kentucky for archery nationals.  I’m probably not going to be posting as frequently, if at all, during this time.  I will be leaving at 6AM tomorrow, and coming back sometime late on Sunday.  If we have internet at the hotel, I will try to post at […]