Beasties and Heroes and Angels, Oh My! (Also Other Stuff)

Thank you Kirsten.  Thank you so much.  I feel like I owe you a wish even though you didn’t win any contests.  That reminds me about leighlights wish.  I’m working on it.  I’ve started drawing.  Kirsten, thank you so much.  I love you (in a not so weird way).  Thank you for getting me to […]

Contest Mania

The one-hundreth commenter on my blog was Kirsten!  Kirsten is an amazing, female individual.  She inspired me to start this blog, and she won my first ever contest.  For her one wish she asked for me to draw her something that reminded me of her blog.  So I did.   Each of the seemingly pointless blobs of […]

Family of Bloggers

I read three blogs.  I love the three people who write them.  They are: Kirsten, of Kirsten Writes!  (, Faith, of For the Love of Words (, and Izzi, of izziesfantasyworld (  These three people and of course myself, make up the family of bloggers.  Sorry to my friends in real life; it wouldn’t make sense […]