Hello, dear readers.  Last night, there was a lock-in at my church.  I guess that might sound really lame to you, but my church is super awesome.  My post is going to be telling you all about this wonderful lock-in.  Hm….  How to describe something that is too amazing for words?  If I had to […]

The Problem with Camp

Camp is an amazing thing that all children – young and old – should experience.  Camp is a place full of hidden wonders, swimming, and outdoor activities.  Camp is starting on Sunday and ending of Friday.  This is not  a bad thing.  In fact, this is a very good thing.  I love camp.  In fact, I wish […]

Family of Bloggers

I read three blogs.  I love the three people who write them.  They are: Kirsten, of Kirsten Writes!  (http://kirstenwrites.wordpress.com/), Faith, of For the Love of Words (http://blueepicgeek.wordpress.com/), and Izzi, of izziesfantasyworld (http://izziesfantasyworld.wordpress.com/).  These three people and of course myself, make up the family of bloggers.  Sorry to my friends in real life; it wouldn’t make sense […]

Going Crazy

Most people think being crazy is hard.  They’re wrong.  The truth is, going crazy is the hard part.  I know this because, well, I am crazy.  I hardly remember the “going” part of being crazy.  It’s actually quite easy being crazy.  You can act like a normal human being as long as you stay away […]

Day of Silence

I’m participating in the Day of Silence tomorrow!   This is a national even, and I’m really excited!  If you have no idea what I’m talking about, I will explain.  The Day of Silence is a national event which helps Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Straight Allied teens bring attention to their reality because too often […]

School [My Mistake]

Writing about school is lame.  I know.  But today was pretty cool!  Just listen…. Read.  So it was third hour, and I was in… Let’s call her… Cruneblaud.  I was in Cruneblaud’s class, and the bell hadn’t rung yet.  I was reading my book The Host.  The bell started ringing and Cruneblaud came immediately to me.  She […]