A Conversation With Me, Myself, and I

Me: I’m here, guys!  I’m here.  What?  No one’s here yet?  And I was worried about being late.  Harrumph.  Myself: I apologize for arriving late.  What did I miss? Me: Nothing.  I’ve, uh, been waiting for a while. Myself: … You were late, too, weren’t you?  Me: Yeah.  Myself: Well, that just leaves– I: It’s okay, […]

Family of Bloggers

I read three blogs.  I love the three people who write them.  They are: Kirsten, of Kirsten Writes!  (http://kirstenwrites.wordpress.com/), Faith, of For the Love of Words (http://blueepicgeek.wordpress.com/), and Izzi, of izziesfantasyworld (http://izziesfantasyworld.wordpress.com/).  These three people and of course myself, make up the family of bloggers.  Sorry to my friends in real life; it wouldn’t make sense […]