Finally Over

That’s right.  School’s finally over.  Yesterday was my last day of school.  I’m so happy I could cry!  Now I have time!  Woo hoo!  I started the summer off with a doctor’s appointment today.  What a way to start the summer.  I got three warts taken care of.  I know, I know, gross, but at […]

A Form of Torture

Yesterday, I experienced something torturous.  I suppose it wasn’t so bad seeing as this was the second time I’d been through this awful event.  This event consists of 700+ people getting their names called and then walking across a stage.  Normally, some people speak as well.  Have you figured out what this is?   They call […]


MCA.  Meaning, Minnesota Comprehensive Assessment.  Or, the last three letters of YMCA.  Coincidentally, they played that song in the morning.  They play songs every morning as a signal to “get your butt to class”.  What exactly are MCAs?  Boring tests.  There are four segments to each test, and we get to do two segments each […]