Vacation Baby!

Oh yeah! I made it! Two days of driving, and I’m finally here! I’m on vacation in Colorado, and we’re going skiing TOMORROW! WOOT! The little condo we’re staying in, isn’t so little. It’s HUGE! The place has five floors! Okay, more like three floors and two little loft thingies, but still. I am sleeping in a loft with two twin beds and two chairs, and three lamps. It’s all really cozy in my loft. I am sooooooo happy we have Wi-Fi! Without it, I wouldn’t be able to post anything! tomorrow I’m going skiing. I’ve been skiing quite a bit before, but I’m taking lessons the first day to get acquainted to the mountain. Tootles!;)


3 thoughts on “Vacation Baby!

  1. i WISH i could go ski with you dont you love to spell skiing its just so funnnn I’m have some what of fun church was Okay and then we went out to eat with the familey and the food was super good:D
    -Lilly VanDee

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