I didn’t post yesterday, but you all forgive me.  Now that that’s settled, let us cut to the chase.  The big debate is coming up.  I am fourth speaker, which honestly sucks.  I am amazing at introductions, so I wanted to be first speaker.  My group even knows I’m good at formulating an amazing introduction, but […]

Unicorns: The Debate

One thing you might not guess about my friends and I, is that we debate unicorns a fair bit.  Okay, so maybe it’s just Slacker and myself, but it’s still a popular topic.  Debate One: Are unicorns fluffy? Slacker: Yes! Katie: Yes! Not much debate there.  It’s a known fact that obviously unicorns are fluffy.  […]

Debate and Jimmy Carter

No, not a debate about Jimmy Carter.  A debate and Jimmy Carter.  They are two separate topics.  Separate.  In ILA Reading we are having an important debate on a date sometime before school ends.  My teacher… Let’s call her Mrs. Gonezahlis.  So Mrs. Gonezahlis probably mentioned the date, but I was probably reading/talking to slacker/zoning out.  […]