Family of Bloggers: Extended Edition

That’s right!  My family of bloggers is back and better than ever!  I would recommend reading the first post before this one if you haven’t.  The link is here.  In this post I wrote about Faith of The Love of Words, Izzi of Izzies Fantasy World, and Kirsten of Kirsten Writes, so go check it […]

Family of Bloggers

I read three blogs.  I love the three people who write them.  They are: Kirsten, of Kirsten Writes!  (, Faith, of For the Love of Words (, and Izzi, of izziesfantasyworld (  These three people and of course myself, make up the family of bloggers.  Sorry to my friends in real life; it wouldn’t make sense […]

Year of the Tiger

I was born in the year of the tiger, so I decided to do some research. If you look around the page you’ll probably see a link to a website that will give a very brief description of all the animals, but I wanted some more information. Time to hunt the wild land of Google! […]

Zodiac Sign

My Zodiac sign is Gemini, and even though I don’t really believe in astrology, I find it fascinating. Gemini is said to be one of the most complex and confusing signs, because some people see Gemini’s as great friends, while others will think them sneaky. Gemini’s have low self-esteem, and have the ability to lie […]